N.C. A&T coaching focus returns to Rod Broadway and today he takes the Aggies’ job…

Just got a call from a very reliable source and after doing some checking, we have confirmed that Rod Broadway has been named the new head football coach at N.C. A&T….

The 55 year-old Broadway was one of the Aggies two top choices from a long list of potential candidates and he turned down the job the first time it was offered to him….So did the other top choice, former N.C. A&T quarterback and Winston-Salem State head coach Connell Maynor….

Rod Broadway had talked in terms earlier of being interested in the new job at Charlotte with the 49ers, but the job at Charlotte was offering $175,000 per year and it looks like the deal with the N.C. A&T Aggies will pay somewhere near $235,000 per year according to our sources…

Any way you slice it, Rod Broadway has been named the new head football coach at Grrensboro’s N.C. A&T State University and we will get you some more details as time allows…..

One other note, the Aggies were sure not feeling good at all about missing out on the National Signing Day yesterday, since they did not have a new coach in place on staff….That really did not set well with the Aggies, from what we have been hearing….To come up totally dry……That is not a good thing at all…Now the well is open and the pump has been primed, by bringing in former University of North Carolina defensive linemen Rod Broadway….It’s like a told a friend the other day, narrow is the way and broad is the nax….And that associate was Leroy Broadnax, former NFL lineman…….

CLICK HERE to head right down Broadway in a hot Rod, from this afternoon’s News and Record on-line……


  1. Doesnt matter who they hire, but who they will give the support to build the program. I’m an AGGIE and feel that we do a terrible job when it comes to supporting our athletic hires. Let me get this straight. We sucked last year. Hired a new coach who had no LOI’s this year? Why dont you tell him to run a marathon, but shoot him in the legs before he starts. If you ever need to see the arrogance and ignorance of leadership look at my beloved AGGIE Football team… Do right by the kids, do right by the coaches and do right by the fans!!!! or stop sending me request for donations!!!!!

  2. Why did coach Broadway turn down A@T then have a change of heart? He is a good coach and if given the full support of the university, will do good things for the aggies.

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