Batter Up: Enad Haddad wants it bad….New Palomino baseball director on the basepaths toward busy seasons…

Had the chance to talk briefly with new Greensboro Palomino Baseball director Enad Haddad this morning, as he was out the door and in a hurry, on his way to a doubleheader today with Winston-Salem State University at Shaw U, in Raleigh…(Bears and Rams going for two at 1pm…..)

Going to be a busy spring and summer for Mr. Haddad, as he takes the lead role in the local Palomino Baseball league and also coaches a team and runs the Greensboro NABA adult/collegiate baseball league…..

Enad’s NABA team is the Greensboro Reds and his is the GM/Manager of that team….You can find out more about the adult/collegiate league when you CLICK HERE for…..

To track and follow the upcoming Greensboro Palomino season CLICK HERE and more details will be forthcoming, as the season gets closer/approaches…..

Solid plans are being laid out now for the Greensboro Palomino baseball season and Enad Haddad has enlisted the services of Palomino veteran leader Tom Veal, to assist him in steering the Palomino program in the right direction, as they move on toward a steady course for the future of that league and with Tom remaining involved and with the new blood that Enad Haddad brings to the table, 2011 should be a banner season in the makings, for the local Palomino Baseball league….

Enad Haddad wants it bad and he is ready to work with Tom Veal and others, to take Greensboro Palomino Baseball to the next level……..


  1. Enad will turn that organization around. He already has a proven track record with the Men’s League in GBORO.

  2. I believe Palomino has a real chance here,
    Happy to see a Adult-Collegiate league where there is hardly any traveling also.
    Real Steel

  3. If the powers that be want Greensboro to have really good Palomino/Colt programs, then they need to schedule all of the games on weeknights. The current schedule of a weekday and then a weekend game means that the players doing “Showcase” and “Travel” are having to pick where to play and most of the better players are going the Showcase/Travel route which means they either don’t play on the Palomino/Colt teams for weekend games or they don’t play Palomino/Colt at all depending on how the coach feels about them playing on 2 teams at the same time. Many of the Colt teams were having to forfit games last summer because they could not field enough players or they were playing with lesser skilled athletes. I am hearing that a number of teams are going to move to the Hi-Toms program unless Greensboro Palomino/Colt changes the scheduling of weekend games. That would be a shame.

  4. Baseballnut nails it. Move Palomino to earlier in the week and away from weekends and you’ll get a turnout. You may not like making your schedule fit around weekend ball but if you want to grow your program you will work around showcase. Hi-toms is definitely being considered.

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