HS Hoops Tonight for 2/9/11

Glenn at High Point Central
NWG at WS Parkland
Oak Hill at Oak Ridge
Westchester Country Day at American Hebrew Academy

Middle School ball we have Aycock at Mendenhall, according to our previous discussions…..


  1. Well, I am here and no one greeted me. There is coach K and his entourage. Somehow the basketball shoes with formal attire just do not look the same as when the real coach K does it. The crowd is disappointing! I think this is going to be ugly. Coach K’s wife is running around like she is the queen of OaK Ridge. Doesn’t she know what’s happening?

  2. Did oak hill beat up on Stan like the sec and his investors have done? Can we not get the score?
    Come on andy

  3. ORMA does not have a home court crowding following yet but the energy from the players (both girls and boys) will eventually create a good following. ORMA needs to promote what they have going on to general communities of Oak Ridge, Greensboro, Winston Salem, etc.. There are few school left that can produce good basketball. ORMA is producing outstanding basketball. It is crazy that most of the Guilford Co schools are afraid or refusing to play ORMA. Personally I would hate for my kid to miss out on the opportunity to play against players/teams that are playing on that level. Other than your own conference, teams should be challenging their teams against competition better than them on paper.

  4. Dale we had a couple of hundred people there at the game and since you dont support ORMA why did you even attend the game. But for others ORMA played hard and they left every bit of energy and heart on the court no other school around here would have even came close to oakhill there a really good team and well coached.

  5. Dale,,,,please don’t come to any ORMA baseball games this season. It is for your own best interest. If the boys find a way to identify you, then you will get to be ball for batting practice. There are games of some type at the YMCA every day….Just go spend your time there.

  6. I have told my wife to subpoena Andy’s website if anything happens to me out at OaK Ridge. That threat can be traced to your computer. I might even beat myself up and blame it on you. I won’t make it to any baseball games, ’cause frankly I find baseball very boring—not because I am afraid!

  7. Outside Observer

    Do you really think that there are no boys or girls on public teams in this area that could not play for ORMA? Heck, I know for a fact that there are some players on your team both boys and girls that many of the public team players beat while they were at their respective schools.

    Just for argument sakes, name some boys and girls that you know that play for public schools that would easily make ORMA’S roster?

  8. Billy i dont think dale can comment on your question… because its impossible those boys work hard day in and day out they dont get anything easy they work for everything. I was talking with some people from the game and when we found out michael neal was going to appalachian state we couldnt believe it, watching the oakhill game many believed that michael could play at the high div. 1 colleges like duke and kansas and the rest of the big name schools. Neal finished with 19 points and 10 assist agaisnt the top guard in the nation that signed with duke. Neal proved he can play with who ever and will lead the conference at appalachian. Good luck to neal and im gonna enjoy watching him play next year and reconmend others to do the same…

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