Top Ten in County Boys and Girls

We will start our voting and begin compiling our list right after the sectionals close next week and it won’t be easy to pick out a Total Top Ten…..

You look at the girls and see at least somewhere:
Miranda Jenkins(EG)
Desiree Drayton(Dudley)
Samantha Coffer(NG)
Kamille Horne(SG)
Brittany Drew(Page)
Ayshia McNeil(SEG)
Zena Lovette(SWG)
Quon Greer(Smith)
Brittany Clency(WG)
Ciara Jackson(Ragsdale)

The hard part will be deciding on the TOP FIVE and then who makes up the Second Five….

Susan Rich(Grimsley and Jordan Lanham(WG) have already been named the Co-MVP’s for the All-Hair Award….They have done their part, to keep that hair parted from the Pony Tail all year long and the hair has been long…..

Boys Top Ten will be equally tough to tame and to name:
Bryce Benjamin(NEG)
Paris Scales(NEG)
Jackson Kent(Page)
Frank Eaves(Page)
Reggie Dillard(Dudley)
Sam Hunt(Dudley)
Butch Huffman(EG)
Brandon Hairston(EG)
John McBeth(NG)
Torian Showers(HPA)
Darius Rogers(HPA)
Tracy Gathings(Smith)
Drew Williams(Smith)
Burrell Brown(Grimsley)
Jake Mulvey(Grimsley)
Montrell Goldsten(Grimlsey)
Tyquan Roberts(Ragsdale)
Benaiah Wise(Ragsdale)
Cody Hylton(NWG)
Matt Pawlowski(NWG)
Terrell Leach(SWG)
Jordan Hanner(SWG)
Diante Baldwin(WG)
*****And others……*****As you can tell, it will be tough to come up with your TOP FIVE and then your second five……*****


  1. 1. Reggie Dillard
    2. Tracy Gathings
    3. Jackson Kent
    4. Bryce Benjamin
    5.Sam Hunt
    6.Drew Williams
    7.Burrel Brown
    8.Matt Pawloski
    9.Jake Mulvey
    10.Frank Eaves

  2. Andy,

    If you posted this what are the guidelines? I think it’s best if it’s judged within each conference.
    Otherwise; it’s clear this is for points only which doesn’t make you the better player or indicate
    you’ve play againist any top competition at all.

  3. 1. reggie dillard
    2. brandon hairston
    3. jackson kent
    4. bryce benjamin
    5. jordan hanner
    6. tracy gathins
    7 terrell leach
    8. frankie eaves
    9. drew williams
    10. john mcbeth

    my list is biased towards teams that won thier conference or had big time players on their team..

  4. is this for top all round players are offensive players..if offensive yes it will be hard many high scorers but all round both ends the list can be narrowed and some added

  5. I thought initially you were making a list of seniors only but I started seeing names such as Reggie Dillard and Sam Hunt with boys so obviously this is not a seniors list. The list also did not specifically say public or private so it should be open to the boys and girls from ORMA, Westchester, HPC, HPW, Caldwell, etc.. Thus, where the names such as Paris Kea at Page or Renota Rogers at GDS as underclassmen or other players such as Deuse from Westchester or any of the ORMA boys or girls.

  6. Butch Huffman is one of the top 3 scorers in the whole region. Right @ 5’10 give or take. Led his team to atop of the conference this year as a senior, after last year they were middle of the pack. The most underrated player in the state I believe.

    My list goes something like this for the guys…

    1) B.Huffman EG
    2) B.Hairston EG
    3) F.Eaves PAGE
    4) R.Dillarad DUDLEY
    5) J. Kent PAGE
    6) T. Leach SWG
    7) J. Hanner SWG
    8) S. Hunt DUDLEY
    9) T. Gathings SMITH
    10) J. McBeth NG

  7. This looks like a decision made by the Guilford County Commissioners or the Greensboro City Council? Neither has any idea of what is going on in the real world. Andy have you heard of a point guard out at ORMA call Gibson or a post player at GDS call Rogers? Neither Drew from Page or Drayton from Dudley can touch either of their numbers? So how did you compile your list? Drew at Page or Jackson at Ragsdale is a good player but she did not put up any numbers this entire season compared to Gibson and Rogers! I am convinced that the private schools were not included in your pickings! Andy I know their parents are glad you do not have anything to do with who get scholarships?

  8. If you are looking for the best all around player, meaning you get the job done on both ends of the court, I have to go with Reggie Dillard. Defensively he can gaurd anyone at any position and can score with the best of them.

  9. Balling

    Great that you support players of your choosing but WHY calling out others in a
    belittle manner. As stated before on this site: Learn to RESPECT all our youth as often as
    possible. These kids work hard, practice hard and have you to try to disrespect them
    is totally uncalled for. Many that support the sports know many of the athletes and
    the athletes know of each other so what’s your point.

    Easy to belittle any young person you choose while sitting behind your computer isn’t it?
    If you want a name on the list, add it. Simple as that. STOP the BULLING attack mode.
    You sound like a very negative…old person that thinks the world owes you something.


    Andy: Sounds like this person is off track on this subject and spoiling it for the rest of us.
    There’s one in every crowd!

  10. The players I posted were just names to be looked at as suggestions….What I posted isn’t even a list….Just a few names for you to look at since most of you don’t know all the names, but I have a pretty good idea of every player in the county and have info on most all of the players in the state….

    But, we are not the Associated Press here….Don’t get offensive, we are just trying to get the players some recognition….

    When the season is over, we will let you start compiling your lists and I’ll give you all the guidelines….We plan to start all of the voting at the end of the sectionals….

    We will have a Top Ten Public school list of the boys and girls with the Top vote getters being the Players of the Year and we will have a Top Five from the Private schools for both the boys and girls…..

    I’m not taking offense to anything anyone is saying, I have a plan, it is a good one and I’m sticking to it…..Voting will be done on an E-mail basis only…..

    Don’t lose your cool on these lists……They are done just to get the kids some more exposure and we have been doing that in a big way all season long…..

    You can vote for any player you want to, but many of you may want to lean toward juniors and seniors, but that will be your decision when the time to start the voting comes…

    Again, the names that I have listed above in the post are just some suggestions for players you may want to choose from when it comes time to cast your 1-10 and I will do a similar list posting,when we get ready to cast off and begin voting….

    Remember we will be looking for a 1-10 for the Public Schools and a 1-5 for the privates….We have 15 Guilford County public schools and around 8-10 privates….

    Looking forward to the lists and we had a lot of fun with this during football and let’s hope our basketball turnout is equally impressive….

    Remember, don’t get offended and don’t jump to conclusions, we have a plan and we are sticking to it……..

  11. We have helped a number of players get recognition over the years and I feel certain that has led to them being in line for scholarship money….

    Drew, Jackson, Gibson, Rogers, Drayton and others are all excellent players and I have supported all of our local players…..

  12. You honestly think that this site is getting some of these kids scholarships? Why would anybody get reliable information from a site that people can freely post on like I’m doing now? Or have you been told that you helped get kids to colleges?

  13. I noticed that when I use google to research a player, many articles come up and some from Greensboro Sports. So as a coach does some research on a player, some good articles come up from GS. Google some of our local football stars and player of the week info comes up. Thanks for all the help getting those names out there Andy.

  14. ACC coaches from multiple sports have been by here, SEC, CIAA, Big South, I know of some assistant coaches from the Southern Conference….I have had the high school coaches telll me that they have heard from the ACC coaches and they got info on recruits from this site…..Big South and CIAA the colleges have E-mailed and they like what they are seeing and the SEC, I know of players and families that will tell me, that we helped…

    One of the posts from this site was on the table at The Pentagon last year…..The LA Times has run our stuff on line, with the world of the internet you can be everywhere now….

    I have had college coaches contact me and ask if I could take something down from the site, that might be hurting their program and if I felt we should, I did…..

    HS/College basketball season, we are peaking out at 6-7,000 hits a day on the weekdays and this material is not just going over to the Peeler Rec Center, we are reaching a fairly large and captive audience…

    Another good example is the group that put on the games in Durham and Chapel Hill last weekend….Why do you think they keep sending us info on their games and hope the heck we post it????? The Play-by-Play Sports guys know we have the audience/readership that they are trying to reach here at this site….I don’t mind posting it, because I want to continue to support PJ Hairston……

    I may look/sound crazy, but a lot of people are studying this content…….

  15. i dont think anyone gets scholarships from any message are “EARNED” by producing night in and night out over a extended period of time..Mark Jackson calls it, Body of Work…

    While it is amusing to read some of the posts, I can honestly say that most of the kids that we talk about are overrated..It is time for us to stop patting kids on the back for having marginal levels of success..

    College coaches are only looking for the best of the best..This is how they pay their bills and keep their jobs..Plain and simple, they go see kids play all across the country, and then make a decision as to whether which kid can help their program..

    While top 10 lists are great topics of discussions, at the end of the day, it’s all about the kids enjoying their high school experiences..Most of you that are so critical, probably never played, or you were not very successful on the field or on the court.

    Real players understand the amount of time that you have to put into their sport..And some kids put in the work, and still dont have a very successful career..These are just the plain and simple facts…

    I once read that 1 in 35 kids get division 1 scholarship offer..We have to do a better job of telling these kids the truth..It is not easy to get a scholarship, no matter what school you attend.. There is no rites of passage by attending the perferred school of choice in any city across the country…

    Don’t forget that these kids have academics and athletics on their plate, along with any other interests that they might have and at the end of the day, it’s just a game..

  16. Good points by all, but you have to remember that the coaches will be coming here for the information that we provide….

    We are more than just a message board….We are an information board and the coaches know that we have the inside eye on the state-wide talent….The scores, the numbers, the game breakdowns, you can’t get these anywhere else, unless you go to NIKE U or someplace like that, this is “The Stop” and we are more than just a lot of hot air, this is it……(Well maybe it doesn’t run that deep, but they don’t me “Mr. Basketball” for nothing……)

    And thanks for checking in…….And is my check in the mail?????

  17. I will be Metroing at Dudley-WG and then I think it is Smith-WG and the early game is SEG-Southern Alamance, but we have a man on the scene, Chris Jones at NG and he will be there all week…..

  18. And the creek don’t rise and we’ll be looking for those scores….Thanks and if you can get us the girls score send that too….Thanks again…

  19. ” I noticed that when I use google to research a player, many articles come up and some from Greensboro Sports. Google some of our local football stars and player of the week info comes up. ”

    YET, when you Google one of the most important lists of all, the N & R all area for fall sports that came out during Christmas, there is NO record of it online because the N & R refused to put it online. They hid it only in the “paid” online version of the N & R that very few actually subscribe to but that is not archived by Google. Think about all those kids that made all area in all the sports but there is no online reference to it anywhere.

    so thanks Andy for what you do.

  20. Zena,she is one of the best defensive players and offensive players look at the girls stats she should be number 1 she get numerous steals,points,assists,rebounds each game and only a junior damn
    And Jordan Hanner,Terrel Leach,And Andrew Bostic the best Trio in the county those three are unstopable.
    SWG is the best team in the county right now page doesn’t have good enough defense to match up these high scorers,SWG with a strong bench and one of the best offensive teams in the state they’ve dropped 100 numerous times.

  21. Jordan Hanner peep Maxpreps Best Pure Shooter period
    Terrell Leach Playmaker
    Tracey Gathings Beast
    Drew Williams fun to watch
    Reggie Dillard
    Sam Hunt
    Brandon Clyborn
    Andrew Bostic
    2 Dudes from Parkland Antonio and Myles(i think)

  22. Southwest is a product of their style. They press and trap and create easy scoring opportunities. When you play like that guys are going to score points. They have some good players, dont get me wrong, but their stats dont mean they are the best players. SW best offense is their defense, Page would have no problem with them because of their guard play.

  23. Spoke to an ACC scout at the Metro Tournament on Monday night…Wanted to know my opinion about some players……Said he follows this site…..

  24. J Hanner,T Gathings, D. Williams,A Wimbush and Brandon Clyborn all play on the same AAU team but the two trios Smith and SWG would be fun to see

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