Huge win tonight as HPCA Cougars top FCD Furies, 69-65…

High Point Christian Academy 69
Forsyth Country Day School 65

By Quarter:

HPCA 20 16 16 17
FCDS 14 15 13 23

HPCA- Mitchell Oates 27, Jordan Weethee 17, Zygimantas Kairys 13, Ryan Dula 5,
Dillon Roser 2, Brandon Earnhardt 2, Chuck Ogbodo 2, Aaron Scales 1

FCDS- Sven Malus 17, Tyler Lewis 14, Tyler Alberts 14, Dillon Greene 10, Chase
Mounce 3, Kevin Reinemund 3, T. Hayes 2

Other stats:
-Mitchell Oates- 8 assists
-Jonathan Bethea- 10 rebounds
-Aaron Scales- 11 rebounds

HPCA (17-13) plays at Providence Day in Charlotte Friday night to wrap up the
regular season.

Courtesy of Coach Brandon Clifford HPCA……


  1. guess Freddy did not get all the home cooking calls at Wesleyan. That is very sad that GDS with their roster can lose to Wesleyan, a team HPCA beat twice with only two real basketball players on the roster and then a great coach to get the supporting cast to come up big.

  2. Sad that GDS with their roster could lose to Wesleyan? News flash! their roster isn’t that great and besides, Wesleyan top three is far beyond GDS’s top three. There aren’t any players on GDS’s roster that are better than Montay Brandon, Jaquel Richmond, and Deng Leek. Deng even played very limited minutes due to a foot injury and Wesleyan still topped GDS because of a solid defensive effort. Your comment was said almost as if Wesleyan has no talent and if that is what you believe then you are mistaken.

  3. That backcourt of Brandon and Richmond are tough to stop….Those two kids can score some points and they hurt GDS in the second half at the Day School….

  4. Not only did they handle the ball well , especially at the end of the game at Wesleyan, but they scored 44 points between the two of them, got some key rebounds and had very nice passes.

  5. Andy,

    Why did Greensboro sports not cover one of the biggest wins in Wesleyan history? If GDS would have won they would have gotten huge 50 font headlines. The only thing I saw is a tiny score on this site. Have you researched to find win the last time Wesleyan beat GDS. I guess it had to be over 20 years.

    Someone made the comments that GDS players were not as good as Wesleyan. That is not true. The players can play but the system they are playing in does not allow players to make basketball decisions as Brandon and Richmond were able to make. They play in a system that is guard oriented (dribble drive). It is not an attack the basket type of system. GDS has plenty of players that could rival Richmond and Brandon in attacking the basket but they are not given the opportunity to put the ball on the floor and make a move. Oh year only 2 players have the green light. I am not calling any names.

  6. Congrats on the win….If the High Point Enterprise has the game written up on-line I may be able to pulll that over……

    Nice win and if you guys would have told me in advance that you were going to take down GDS last night, I would have made it point to be there…..I hate that Mr. Reagan and Gorbachev could not make it, because it sounds like the walls came down in High Point last night….

    As I pointed out earlier, Wesleyan played a very solid second half in the game at GDS and Brandon and Richmond were the catalysts…..

    Sounds like next year, Wesleyan might be this year’s Oak Ridge, when it comes to being the area powerhouse……Could be on their way, we’ll see…..

  7. @ Mr. Man

    Your crazy to think that any guard on GDS’s team has more talent than Richmond or Brandon. Those two guards are going to play some big time college basketball and GDS doesn’t have a guard good enough to get any time at a small d1 school.

  8. congrats to mich oates,z.kairys and chuck ogbodo on their season. probably better players about but these kids have learned how to win and led us to the national hall of fame championship i october. thank good ness naismith only allowed 1 ball and 5 players on each team. this makes winners have and easy road. good luck to these kids the rest of the way. remember organization and teamwork guys.

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