High School Baseball Tonight for 3/1/11

Southern Guilford at Smith ppd.
Western Guilford at Morehead ppd….

East Forsyth 13
WS Reynolds 1

WP:Zac Joyce…HR’s EF:Luke Dunlap, Austin May(Grand Slam)

Southeast Guilford 7
Northern Guilford 2


Western Alamance 7
Northeast Guilford 6

NEG at NWG on Wednesday at 6pm

Eastern Guilford 7
Grimsley 6

WP:Adam Doyle
LP:Sawyer Highfill

Mighty cold/chilly over at Dudley tonight and the Panthers win their first game of the year, over High Point Central….Game time was 5pm and the game finished up around 7:30…

Dudley 8
High Point Central 1

WP:Eric Kimber(1-0)
LP:Trevor Gay(0-1)
Dudley hitting:Rick Powell HR
Leon Smith 3b…..Corey Williamson 2b…

Brandon Burkes threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Panthers and the doctors have not yet cleared Burkes to play, but he is in practice…..

High Point Central hitters…..Will Johnson 2b and one run scored(Only run of the night came in the first inning for HPC….Zach McClain with a single and that was it….The Bison had plenty of base runners, but they could not get the runs in off of Panther starter Corey Kimber….Corey threw right at 95 pitches and he went 6 innings to collect the win….11 K’s for Kimber with a K in the ball game…..Two runs scored for Dudley by Keith Robertson and by Leon Smith….Zanie Seagraves had two singles and a SAC Fly RBI….Rick Powell had a single and the home run…Myles Sewell had a single and a run scored for Dudley…..

Final again, Dudley 8, High Point Central 1…..

Send us some more scores and we will load them up from the comment box…..


  1. Thank-you for that Western Alamance-NEG and we are glad to see the High School Baseball Tonight rolling again….Tony Sutphin, whose son Cal is now at Liberty University, started sending us scores a few years back and then the High School Baseball Tonight feature really took off…It is a good thing and Tony along with others Greg Johnson helped us launch this and it has really done well…

    I found out tonight that former Page Pirates and Palomino Baseball star Lindsey “Boocat” Foster is helping Coach Nat Norris over at High Point Andrews….”Boocat’ Foster played baseball for a couple of years in the Toronto Blue Jays organization……He should be able to help some of the kids over in High Point and around the area…

    You can learn a lot when you sit or stand around and listen….

  2. Northern lost to Southeast 7-2 in 11 innings. Austin Hardin, per fan who watched the game, said Austin Hardin pitched great striking out 10 or 11. I thought Northern would be a great team with all the hitting they have. Maybe they had an off night. Good luck to the Nighthawks Thursday. I will try to see them play Thursday.

  3. Was that Austin Bain for Southeast with the 10-11 K’s or Austin Hardin from Northern?????

  4. I was told Austin Hardin had 10 or 11 k’s. I also heard that he threw about 95 pitches on his first outing. I hope he doesn’t hurt his arm throwing that much this early

  5. Southeast 7 Northern 2 11 innings This was a very good game. Austin Hardin pitched a great game, also Devin Harrington played a solid game. Good team effort from Northern tonight, good luck nighthawks.

  6. East Forsyth 13 Renyolds 1 Luke Dunlap 1 inning home run Austin May game ending walk-off grande slam bottom of the 5th Zac Joyce WP 3 hits no walks 8k’s 56 pitches

  7. Not several, but a lot of players transferred out of Northern. I even heard last night that a couple have already quit. Whats going on out there. And to beat that, they have a day ooaching jv’s

  8. 95 Pitches:

    Come on Man!! If the player has done what he is supposed to do in the off-season and pre-season; as far as throwing and preparing for the season then 95 pitches is fine in Game 1. The reason kids hurt their arm is because they don’t throw enough. They don’t throw out of season and then when they do start throwing it is all junk! Prepare in the off-season and develop a good fastaball with a good change-up and you will be fine. Don’t know this kid, but if he has worked in the off-season and pre-season 95 pitches is not a problem this early!

  9. There are pitchers in the big leagues that don’t throw 95 pitches in the regular season much less in 40 degree weather. You bring high school pitchers along slow. That is why you play non conference games. You build their pitch count up as the season advances. You just don’t go out there and throw the first game of the season like it’s the last. Alittle common sense will carry you a long way in any thing you do.

  10. I have to agree with Baseball Nut and 95 pitches!!!!! Kids are still developing arm strength and the wear and tear over a long season will ultimately cause some damage. There is a reason they say throwing a baseball is not a “natural” physiological movement. Gradual increase in throwing does develop arm strength, not immediate increase in throwing. And plus every pitcher I know of isn’t just throwing, they are giving maximum effort on every pitch. However, you gotta love a kid who is willing to go out there and compete and pitch for the guys behind him but its up to the coaches to have some “idea” of restraint for the sake of the kids arm!

  11. Most kids will tell the coach he is ok and wants to pitch. These are youngsters who really do not understand the physiologe of throwing a baseball. The coach is the one who should take charge. I had a coach tell me one time to never let a kid talk you out of taking him out of the game. The coach is the one in charge and should make those decisions, not the kid or his parents. I have even seen coaches ask parents if there son should stay in. If a coach is a coach he should make that decision. How many collegte coaches have you seen go talk to a prent suring a game and ask if he can still pitch. This happens all the time in high school.

  12. I have my doubts that any coach would throw a kid for 95 pitches early in the season if ever. Sounds like internet rumor to me. But if he did, IT IS STUPID. I don’t care what kind of off-season training you did.

  13. Anyone know who pitched for Southeast Guilford last night??? How did Josh Tobias do in that game at Northern??? Just a few questions that we are looking at this morning….SEG at Grimsley will be the Metro 4-A opener for both teams on Friday and that will be big….

  14. Nobody has quit the Northern baseball program this year. As for the pitch count, it depends on the type of pitcher and his work in the offseason.

  15. 95 pitches please you sound like a person that pretends to know what you are talking about. This kid has worked very hard in the off season and throwing 95 pitches was nothing for him. Please can we have a break this season and you worry about your own son or players . I have read alot of different articles about pitch count and there are different opinions so please dont go there. READ it depends on the kid and strength and conditioning.

  16. Dudley Alum……I guess Roy Halladay and CC Sabathia only pitch 1-2 innings early on because they are lazy during the off season.

    Hey…….if a March 1st W is that important to your team, have at it, great game!!

  17. i generally agree that 95 pitches in 40 degree weather this early in the season sounds a bit much. but, each pitcher is different. for some, playing on a cooler night may be better than playing on a warmer night. some hit a wall at 40-50 pitchers while others don’t settle in until 40-50 pitches. some can approach 100 pitches per outing with no problem. i agree do not let him or his parents tell you he can keep going. as a coach you should be able to watch him pitch and tell if there is still gas in the tank or not. if he is out there laboring, get him out regardless of pitch count. but for an experienced high school pitcher who works year round, 95 is not unreasonable. strength and conditioning is the key. i bet this pitcher works hard at his game.

  18. No quit in Northern Guilford on Tuesday night….11 innings and a great outing by Austin Hardin….NG will be tough to beat with that young man on the mound and they still have Jeremy Campbell too….He has always done good things when he has been on the hill….

  19. I been reading about how good this Hardin kid pitched….does anyone know if he worked all winter and with who?? If so, that coach should be getting paid big bucks.

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