Moore(Grimsley HS) hit in the face in weekend Army baseball action: All on hold, hopes to heal and return soon

USMA(United States Military Academy) shortstop Clint Moore,(Grimsley High School), was at the plate in his squad’s college baseball encounter with the Maryland Terrapins on Sunday afternoon, and Moore took a fastball to the face from the Terps 250 pound relief pitcher….

The fastball came in at 90mph-plus and hit Clint on the left cheek bone and injured his orbital bone and the impact, plus the resulting damage to the eye area landed Clint in the hospital at College Park, Maryland….Clint has been preparing for more testing today to try and determine the severity of the injury and Moore is currently in the hospital at West Point, New York, where he was moved to on Sunday night…..

The fastball came in and grazed the corner of Clint’s batting helment or the blow could have been even worse. As it is, the conditions are serious, but they are holding out hope, that surgery on the eye area will not be necessary…..

There were several pro scouts on hand at the game, filming and studying Clint Moore in anticipation of his selection in the upcoming June MLB Draft and it is not known at this time, how this will effect Clint Moore’s professional baseball career….The pro scouts had been watching and following him very closely since his summer stay last year, in the Cape Cod Summer League…

We wish Clint Moore a speedy recovery and hope he can get back in that Army Cadet baseball lineup soon…..Even if he can go in the field and maybe have them DH for him, let’s hope Clint can get back out there soon and that surgery on his eye bone area(orbital bone) won’t be needed….

Keep Clint in your prayers, he has been a hard-working young man and he has represented our community well on the national stage with the Army Cadets from West Point and he was a finalist last year for the Sullivan Award, given annually to the nation’s top amateur athlete….

Well will have updates on Clint Moore, as they become available and please keep the kid in your thoughts and prayers….The young man and his famlly have been living a dream and it has been a good one up to this point at West Point….Let’s hope this current bump in the road will only be a brief speed bump, that Clint can cross and then continue on with his career, after a short pause to let all things heal…….

Clint Moore’s baseball career on hold, but he will be back, just hang in there with us and we will give you the good news when it is made known to us….


  1. Andy,
    I do no know the young man but certainly wish him the best of luck. On the other hand, your credibility comes into question when you suggest that there may even be a db if he plays in the field–this is college, not T-Ball. You can’t dh for a position player!!!! C’Mon, Andy.

  2. Eddie,
    Make sure you know your facts before you call someone out on a “rule”. You can dh for anyone you want to in college. Most pitchers in college are great hitters, unlike the pitchers in T-ball.

    Now about Clint: My family and I are praying for you. I have known Clint and his family for about 10 years now. Clint is one of the most likeable and friendly guys I have ever met in my life. He was brought up the right way and being at West Point has only strengthened those values. Baseball or not, Clint Moore has a very bright future.

  3. Actually Mr. Dunlap, you are very wrong. The DH in college baseball hits for the pitcher and all subsequent pitchers if the starting pitcher is replaced!!!! You may be confusing that with the rule that the dh may hit in any spot in the lineup. You can check that rule anywhere in the NCAA rule book. Hope that clarifies the rule for you!!!

  4. Eddie,
    I am sorry, you are right. Interesting rule after I read it.

    Pray for Clint. That is what this forum should be about. Not about a rule like you and I made it.


  5. Mr. Dunlap,
    If you notice, my first comment was wishing the young man good luck.. My next door neighbor several years ago grew up next door to Tony Conigliaro, and I have learned through him how difficult that type of accident can be for a baseball player. I do wish him good luck, and my comment was directed to Andy’s comment about playing in the fiels and utilizing the DH. I am a baseball purest, and I feel knowing the rules is important. Godd luck to you and your son(s as well!!!!

  6. Let’s just hope he keeps getting better….With following all the baseball and the other sports, there is plenty to keep up with, I have seen the Colts, High School, and many more levels and I can tell you many times it is a blurr….

    Just left a game tonight and it was mighty cold out there….

    Let’s keep Clint in our prayers and he can also pitch and has this season for Army…..Here hoping her is back and we with the best for him and his family…..

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