High School Baseball Tonight for 3/3/11: Ragsdale, HPC, SEG and Dudley winners….

High Point Christian Academy 11
Alamance Christian School 0

Bishop McGuinness 3
Glenn 2

Ragsdale 10
Central Davidson 4

WP:Matt Horkey 3 runs on 5 hits and 1 walk and 4 k’s….
Zack Hodges was the closer giving up 1 run on 1 hit and 1 walk….
Ragsdale hitting:
Grant Desjardins 4-5
Tyler Southcott 1-2
Kyle Morrison 1-2

High Point Central 11
High Point Andrews 0
(5 innings)
WP:Seth Beane
LP:Cameron Brooks
HPC’s Beane allowed just two hits and struck out 12 HPA batters….Price with a double and Matt Rutledge with a single had the only hits for the Red Raiders….For HP Central, Will Johnson had two singles and 3 RBI’s….Zach McClain had a double and single and 3 RBI’s…Trevor Gay and Tyler Wilson each had a single and one RBI and Michael Finney had two singles and an RBI, plus Dainel Smith posted a single and one run scored….

Southeast Guilford 11
Northern Guilford 1
(5 innings)

Dudley 19
WS Atkins 1
(5 innings)
WP:Miles Sewell
For Dudley Corey Williamson 2-2 with a triple and four RBI’s….
Corey Kimber had a triple and an RBI…
Zanie Seagraves had a triple and a run scored…
Miles Sewell had double and 2 RBI’s…..


  1. Saw the SE VS NG game tonight, one to possibly two very good hitters on NG. Coach, no disrespect but reps reps reps hitting,need to be more disciplined at the plate. good luck guys.

  2. For whatever reason, some kids get chatted up here like they are MLB prospects and others get overlooked……I suspect it’s momma and daddy talking up their kids.

    In any case……..Corey Williamson is a great kid with great support at home…….he should be talked about more……he’s got tools and no one works harder!!!

    GO COREY!!

  3. Most of us that follow baseball in Greensboro know Corey. He is a very talented player. Has been for a while. Has always been one of the best players in his age group going back a few years. If you feel the need to chat him up, then chat away. If he is truly talented he will be found and it won’t be because someone “chatted him up” on Greensboro Sports. While this site is a welcome addition to high school sports coverage, it is not a recruiting site nor a site any true college recruiter would use. But it does a great job covering the sports and giving a little attention to the kids.

  4. Chat Away…..I wasn’t trying to land anyone a college scolly by “chatting him up on this site”.

    If you now anything about GSO sports and it’s players and follow this site, you’ll quickly learn the names dropped here aren’t always in line with on field performance.

    I’m not going to mention names but a pre-season preview here had a kid mentioned as a varsity contributor when in reality he wouldn’t have made varsity and actually wasn’t even trying out. Why was he chatted up here……because people write based on name recognition, not whats actually going on.

    That was my point…….and to say GO COREY!!

  5. Go Corey, it’s true you don’t always get all of the story. I’ve seen Corey play. He can roll with the best of them. Good luck to him.

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