Key softball matchcup today at SEG as Falcons take on last year’s State Champs: ER Wildcats


The Southeast Guilford Lady Falcons will take on the Eastern Randolph Wildcats who are the 2010 NCHSAA 3A State Champions.

The game is at SEG and is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm today.

SEG(1-0) and the Lady Falcons won their first game of the season 16-0…..

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  1. Great game last night, the Lady Falcons came up a little short and lost 3-2.
    Don’t like to blame umpires to much but they did cost SEG a run in the first inning. A run scored fr0m 3rd on a base hit to the outfield with one out. The field umpire makes the runner go back after the play is dead, said the home plate umpire did not have his mask on. Come on now. That was the word I got, anyway, a big momentum stopper for SEG in the 1st inning. Both teams looked good and should do well this year.

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