Locals on Roster for Dave Telep’s Carolina Challenge

Many of the state’s top 9th, 10th and 11th graders will be competing at Dave Telep’s Carolina Challenge March 26 at Ravenscroft High School in Raleigh…

Here is a list of our locals on the basketball roster for Dave Telep’s event and you can CLICK HERE to see the complete listing…

Brandon Clyburn-Dudley HS 6’7 PF
Reggie Dillard-Dudley 6’3 SG
Tyler Lewis-FCD 5’11 PG
Carlos Rankins-ORMA 6’1 SG
Aaron Scales-HPCA 6’8 C
Christian Hairston-GDS 6’7 SF
Sam Hunt-Dudley 5’11 PG
Quayshad Williams-GDS 6’7 PF
Josh Level-Westchester 6’4 SF
Theo Pinson-ORMA 6’4 SG
Jaquel Richmond-Wesleyan 6’0 SG


  1. All deserving players. Congratulations.

    Wish one of the top PF’s in guilford and forsyth county was included in Sharwyn McGee. Averaged almost a double double as a sophomore. One of the top back to the basket players around. Some of his highlights demonstrating his speed and power are included in the package I am working on for Benaiah.


    Hopefully if I have time when I finish other projects, I will do one just for Sharwyn. Hope someone who knows Mr. Telep lets him know about him. Will only get better the next couple years.

    Much success to those attending.

  2. Kidding???…..no way.

    Didn’t ORMA play recently, can we get a score?
    Didn’t NG baseball lose alot of players?

    Of course they are BS questions, asked on every other thread!!!

  3. Freeman has nothing to do with Telep’s list. If McBeth went last year and didn’t get invited back this year there is a reason. If he didn’t go, Freeman can’t get him an invite, Telep doesn’t listen to other people he has a big head and chooses himself. Coble only played a few games this year and hurt his knee late in the season so he probably can’t play. Kent and Eaves are the two best players off the Metro championship team and should have been invited. They invited three off the fourth place team, two of which barely average 10 points a game. He invited a non starter from OR who scores about 3 points a game. He has two GDS players, one who doesn’t start and the other who is an undersized post (although he is listed as taller) and has trouble finishing. He left off GDS’s best player, Reed Lucas. He invited 6’8″ stud from HPCA who averages 6pts and 1.2 rebounds according to stats on Maxpreps. He invited a sophomore from Reagan but did not invite the rising senior who was player of the year in their conference. There are lots of kids who got reps at a young age who are invited who have not lived up to their rep. There are lots of kids who have really developed who were ingnored because they aren’t on everyone’s lists.

    Like most recruiting analysts who never coached or played, they invite athletic kids with low skill levels and ignore kids who are skilled and know how to play the game.

  4. I hope that this gives Kent and Eaves the motivation to continue to work hard both on and off the court…This is a big summer for rising seniors…Have a great summer and get a scholarship offer…

    Dave admits every year that some good players get left off..Bryce Benjamin is another name that comes to mind…

  5. “Mistake” is absolutely right-

    How do you include three players from the fourth best team in a conference and not include kids like Jackson Kent (Div 1 prospect/POY in the conf), Frankie Eaves (Div 1 Prospect) that played for Page Conf Reg Season Champs and Tracy Gathings (Div 1 Prospect- Avg 2opts 10rbs) for Smith the Conf Tourney Champs.

    To snub these players is just ridiculous when you consider that reserves from other teams and guys that didnt even avg double figures were invited. Its purely political…thats the only explanation.

  6. I think a lot if this is based on what players have done at previous Telep camps or at other basketball showcases and not necessarily what they did during their recent high school basketball seasons….

    I think Dave has aonther one coming up in the fall and Bob Gibbons has a few lined up for this Spring and Rick Lewis has another Phenom 100 Camp coming up later this month….

    There is still time to shine…

  7. Change the name of the schools of the top players.

    Something like,

    Northeast Guilford Private Christian Day
    Page Country Day School
    Southwest Guilford Military Academy
    Ben L. Smith Academy of Christ Military School

  8. Put your players in the right situations to be seen by Dave. He is a national scout. but yet has to pick the top 80 kids for this camps. Alot of kids got invite because of who they are associated with. Alot of kids who played on CP3 got invited(Matthew Madison, Sam Hunt, Brandon Clyburn, Jaquel Richmond).

    As for Aaron Scales(Who has only played basketball for 2 years now) Is 6’9 and built like a truck and athletic. You cant have all 6’3 guards at the camp. is Aaron the best ..no but his best basketball will be in college.

    As for Christian and Quayshad.. Christian played in the 2013 NC/SC Game and Dave saw him at Rick Lewis Camp.. 6’7 with handle and can shoot is potential and upside. Quayshad is a solid mid major forward.. like i said you cant have all 6’3 kids at the camp.

    As for Reed and John, I feel they both could have recieved invites but there are 50 other kids in NC who have the same arguement.

    What it comes down to is exposing your kids to play in front of the right people.

    Goto private school and play the best comp so Dave or Paul or Evan or Jerry can see them play.
    Play for an Elite Program(CP3,D-One, Cobra AllStars,Gaters) who play in big time events..

    Dont blame Dave for something he has no control over.

  9. Exposure,

    Why go to a private school just to get invited to a camp?

    I do not think anyone is blaming anyone. People are making
    comments on who they think are good or better players.

    Is that okay?

  10. Coach Know,

    Kids who get invited to the Carolina Challenge get recruited first by colleges. The kids who dont get invites have to play extremely well to get a D1 offer. So if you play well in the challenge and your academics are good. Then the chances of you getting an offer are greatly higher. No matter what you do on your HS team. I’m not saying its fair but basketball is always changing. With all these public school budget cuts and not having resources for the kids. If your kid can play and you can afford it. You should be calling HPCA, HP Wesleyan, HP Westchester, Caldwell Academy or GDS.

    Hoop Fact# 12 kids in our area have signed D1.. All of them goto Private/Charter School

    3 Oak Ridge
    4 QEA
    3 Westchester
    1 Wesleyan
    1 Greensboro Day

  11. There may be some merit to the comments you have made about our players, but I can tell you something for sure, Jackson Kent is not a D1 prospect. I am sure he is a nice kid, but if you knew anything, you’d be able to compare him to Josh Pittmam–a vary good high school player who is now having a good career at Guilford. You make the comparison if you really know anything about basketball.

  12. Got first hand info that Adam Coble has a torn ACL and had surgery on Thursday. He was invite d to play in the Carolina Challenge again this year but had to decline due to his injury. He will be attending as an injured player but will not be playing. Adam is a high D-1 recruit and deserved a spot this year. It is a shame that the kid is injured. Watched his last 2 games and he dominated.

  13. sharwyn mcgee should of got invited he’s getting looked at by marquette, and got invited to wake forest elite camp and he’s only 15 with a 7 foot wing span and he’s 6”5 215 pounds wow dave lost out on a good player he better get invited next year because he’s reclassing at upper room christian academy

  14. Spoke with Dave Telep. He reports Adam Coble was invited but couldn’t accept due to injuries. Still high on recruit list. Hargrave getting an exceptional player.

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