Raymond G. Crawford Baseball Field Dedication Ceremony

The Raymond G. Crawford Baseball Field Dedication Ceremony will be held today at 6pm, at James B. Dudley High School….

The ceremony will take place prior to the Dudley-WS Atkins game, slated to begin at 7pm….

Dudley High School is located at 1200 Lincoln Street just off of East Lee Street, at Highway 29…..

For more information contact Dudley Athletic Director Joe Godette at 370-8130…..

We say a job well done to Ray Crawford, for bringing back a field with his dreams and helping to make the Dudley baseball a realization, that provides Dudley Panther athletes with the opportunity to play baseball on very competitive basis, in the Guilford County Schools System.

Without Ray Crawford’s help, Dudley may have been forced to drop the baseball program and without Ray’s help, many of the young Panthers would have not been able to go on to college and continue their baseball careers….

There was a time when Dudley had to go elsewhere to play their games, and their field was unplayable, but with Ray Crawford’s efforts and with others pitching in, the Dudley Panthers now have a field that they can be proud to play on, and from now on it will called, “The Raymond G. Crawford Baseball Field”….

Those folks in the Dudley community owe a debt of gratitude to Ray Crawford Sr. and on behalf of those folks up and down the East side of town, we say, “Thanks Ray Crawford”….For the work on the field, the trips to the Greensboro Batting Center, the Summer Travel Baseball Programs, the meals, the wheels and the deals that had to be done to make it all a reality, the kids currently in the Dudley program and those that have come through there in the past, all say a heartfelt thanks to “Coach Crawford”…..(At least that’s what they are always telling me and I’ll just have to take their word for it…..)

We won’t really know the outcome of all of his efforts until many years to come, way down the road; but I for one, can’t wait to find out how it all turns out……