Virginia Tech’s BIG comeback is enough/Hokies are in the semifinals: ACC Notebook from the Greensboro Coliseum

Virginia Tech 52, Florida State 51
Greensboro, N.C. (ACC Tournament)

Virginia Tech was down big at halftime and they had foul trouble with Victor Davila, Jeff Allen and Malcom Delaney all running into foul problems. but the Hokies still came back to get the win according to the update at the….Ian Miller, from Charlotte’s United Faith Academy, had one of his biggest games of the year for the FSU Seminoles and the Hokies tried to get back in the game and they did and they keep their NCAA Tournament hopes alive…..Virginia Tech wins it by one, 52-51…..The had posted the wrong score last night and we went with what they had, trying to get up a score, before we closed up shop and they went back and corrected their post, so we corrected ours too….Sorry for any inconveinence…..The has been doing a great job this week keeping us all informed and posted and they are on it and in it at the Coliseum…..

On Saturday, in the semis at the Greensboro Coliseum, it will be North Carolina vs. Clemson and Duke will battle Virginia Tech….Virginia Tech handed Duke a loss at Blacksburg(64-60 Hokies), in the regular season and Clemson has to feel like they are due for a win over North Carolina in the ACC Tournament, at the Greensboro Coliseum…..


  1. Been to most all the games and the officiating is awful. Call too any touch fouls and then do not call fouls under the basket.. Need more consisitency. Referees have become too cocky and want attention of the media. Just watch them before games and at timeouts. They need more training. They have the attitude that people are payiing to see them officiate.

  2. Got that score turned around……The had posted the wrong score last night…….Just a blip in busy week for them, and looks like today will be a great semifinal setting for the ACC….

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