3rd Month of the Year Madness

Just like the SuperBowl, there is a trademark on the words “March” used together with “Madness”.
The phrase “March Madness” was coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939 to describe an Illinois high school basketball tourney. Brent Musburger first used it during NCAA coverage in 1982 causing a legal battle almost as insane as the playoffs. – from http://www.chiff.com/recreation/sports/ncaa-brackets.htm (as well a few hundred other sites).

The NCAA owns the trademark these days but they aren’t as possessive as the NFL. As a courtesy, we won’t be using the trademark. Plus the real games aren’t played until April, when the field of 68 has been pared down to the Final Four.

Greensboro Sports is once again having a Bracket Contest. All the rules and brackets will be finalized later tonight at the Editorial Meeting, held tonight at CiCi’s Pizza on Battleground Avenue at 7:15 PM.

This year with the FIRST FOUR games, it brings a lot of controversy to the art of the brackets. Many Bracket Contests are Closing before Tuesdays first game. While others are Closing before Thursday’s first game. Promoters of the FIRST FOUR, prefer the idea of Tuesday deadlines as it makes those games critical. It’s going to be different this year.

Stay tuned as we should have our announcement tonight after 10 PM.