Sidney Lowe’s career at N.C. State is over


RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) NC State basketball coach Sidney Lowe texted ESPN’s Andy Katz this afternoon(Tuesday) and said he is stepping down.

According to the text, Lowe said he is resigning….

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  1. Debbie Yow and NC State need to go out to Arizona and get Sean Miller and bring him back to Raleigh to coach the Wolfpack.

  2. Tubby Smith should be the next coach. That man is a proven winner and they might be able to get him cheap coming out of a dump liike Minnesota.

    Minnesota, Kentucky, Georgia, Tulsa, High Point. Tubby has won every place he has been.

  3. Duke and Carolina are so far ahead of everyone else, does it really matter who they get? They havent been very good since Valvano.

  4. I think it turn out to be a good thing if N.C. State could lure Sean Miller to the Raleigh campus….Maybe Sean could bring his younger brother Archie MIller, a former Wolfpack player with him…..Sean was once on the staff at N.C. State as an assistant, and I believe it was back in the Herb Sendek days and during the time that Archie was a player at State…

    I think the Pack could be competitive with Carolina and Duke again. There was a time when those games really meant something and they could again…..Sloan and Valvano made the State-Carolina/State-Duke games meaningful when they were in charge……You need a coach that can get these kids attention and make them see the need to play a smart and disciplined style of ball….It can be fun again, but it is much more fun when you are winning and going to the NCAA Tournament each year……The Pack used to always be in the mix during the NCAA tourney, especially in the days of Jimmy V….

    Jimmy V had many different players, but he got State in wiining situations…Maybe Miller could do that too….

  5. Sean Miller ain’t coming to State. Who is next on the list? I hope for State’s sake that this doesn’t become the public spectacle that the last search turned into. Hiring a private search firm will at least enable them to be told “No, thank you.” without it becoming public.
    State needs to hire a great young coach like Fox from Georgia or Turgeon from Texas A&M, although State fans won’t ever accept someone who played for Roy Williams, just like they couldn’t accept Todd Turner. Capel wouldn’t be a bad hire either.

  6. For the longest time, N.C. State didn’t think they would get Debbie Yow, but that ended up happening with her coming in as the AD, maybe Miller is playing the low-key role right now too, with the NCAA tournament and all still going on …..

    Maybe if State doesn’t get Miller, it will still work out OK….For many years N.C. State was obsessed with getting Jim Donnan as the football coach and that never materialized and they survived it…..Miller still looks good and is everyone ready to conceed that State can’t get him?????

  7. I think it will be tough to get Sean Miller, but would still go after him. Steve Alford at New Mexico would not be a bad choice, in my opinion.

  8. Debbie will find us a coach that will bring us back to National level play.
    Sidney left the program for our next coach in better shape than Herb left it for him.

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