Top HS Basketball Players for 2010/2011

After a lot of vote counting, we have the numbers for the Top Boys and Girls players from the public schools and we should have the private school info up here by Friday…..

Here’s a look at the Top Ten for the boys and girls…..

Player of the Year:Bryce Benjamin(NEG)
Jordan Hanner(SWG)
Cody Hylton(NWG)
Paris Scales(NEG)
Tracy Gathings(Smith)
Jackson Kent(Page)
Reggie Dillard(Dudley)
Drew Williams(Smith)
TIE for the last two spots with:
Benaiah Wise(Ragsdale)
Brandon Hairston(Eastern)
Butch Huffman(Eastern)

Girls Top Ten:
Player of the Year:Miranda Jenkins(Eastern)
Zena Lovette(SWG)
Samantha Coffer(Northern)
Desiree Drayton(Dudley)
Ayshia McNeil(SEG)
Jessica Pone(SWG)
Michelle Williams(NWG)
Brittany Drew(Page)
Kamille Horne(Southern)
Quon Greer(Smith)

*****And there you have it with our, or should I say, your Top Ten and your POY’s, based on your voting and we will have the Private School numbers up here for you by Friday, hopefully….Thanks for casting all the votes at, by way of…..There were a large number of votes to count, but we got it done and thanks again for your participation….*****

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