HS Baseball Tonight for 3/22/11: NWG, Glenn, Dudley, SEG, SWG, Ledford, ORMA and ER winners……..

Northwest Guilford 6
East Forsyth 5

WP:Adam Swim
LP:Zac Joyce
NWG…..Game winning RBI-Duncan Everett

Glenn 4
Ragsdale 0

WP Pearl:5 innings, 4 hits, 1 error, 3 walks, 0 runs
LP:Sparks 5 innings, 4 hits, 4 walks, 3 errors and 3 runs
Southcott 1 inning 1 run on a hit and a walk

Dudley 10
Page 6

WP:Corey Kimber
LP:Alec Kornblum
HR’s:Corey Williamson(Dudley) Two, two-run home runs and a single with an RBI for Two homers and 5 RBI’s on the night…..
Alec Kornblum(Page) A two-run home run…..Other key hitters for Dudley were Kevin Murphy, Miles Sowell, Zanie Seagraves and Rick Powell….For Page we saw Brendan Nail, Tyler Sandlin, Nick Schofield and Benton Reynolds contributing at the plate….Pitching for Dudley went Leon Smith, Kevin McCallister and Corey Kimber with Zanie Seagraves behind the plate and Page went with Nick Schofield and Alec Kornblum and Will Syndor behind the plate….Here’s hoping we got all the right names in there….

Southeast Guilford 13
Western Guilford 3
6 innings
WP:Dylan Shutt
LP:Nin Marrero
HR: Josh Tobias(SEG)

Southwest Guilford 10
High Point Central 0

WP:Sean Geoghegan
LP:Trevor Gay
HR’s:Matt Orth(SWG) with Two home runs….Orth had a three-run homer and a two-run home run and 5 RBI’s…….Big nights for Orth and Corey Williamson from Dudley HS……

Ledford 8
Southern Guilford 1

WP: Duke Boger
LP: Zack Canada

Oak Ridge 16
Thomasville 3

Oak Ridge Military Academy 16 12 2
Thomasville HS 3 8 5

Winning Pitcher Wallace
Losing Pitcher Anderson

Oak Ridge
Home Run Nick Taylor (3)
Edwin Soto went 3 for 5

Oak Ridge 3-5
Thomasville 1-4

Wesleyan 5
Westchester Country Day 3

Wesleyan (7-1)

Eastern Randolph 5
Providence Grove 4

Dudley 11
Page 3


  1. Ledford – 8 Southern Guilford – 1

    WP: Duke Boger LP: Zack Canada
    Ledford breaks open a tight game in the sixth inning to beat conference rival Southern.

  2. NEG 7(8-1 0-2)
    ASHBORO 6 (Final 9)

    WP:Harrison Phillips

    NEG hitting: clutch hitting by Josiel Colon;scored the winning run
    and Jaylin Davis with the walk off hit

    NEG @ Rockingham county 7pm

  3. Western Alamance with road win over Eastern Guilford 10-4. WA jumped to a 3-0 lead before Tyler Hunt provided EG with a 2-run double. The Burlington paper had EG with 6 errors. That number seems low. If the bats don’t wake up soon in Gibsonville, going to be a long year.

  4. SEG JV also won 14-0. JT hit another BOMB last night. WG hung with our Varsity for a long time in that game but I think Marrero developed some location/control issues. He is a great player by the way. Hope the WG boy who took one in the ear hole last night is ok. He took a hard shot to the head.

    Shutt pitched a great game for us and DJ did a good job closing it out in the last inning. Everyone decided to wake up and hit the ball last night. Let’s carry some of that into the SWG game today but start a little earlier. I understand that Varsity is playing at home (Falcon Nest) today and JV is at SWG at 5 PM.

    Hornet I bought 6 or 7 hamburgers last night. I ate two and I think my son bought the rest for himself and his buds. He left with a $20 and came back with a couple ones.

  5. What a perfect night to be at the ball field! It was nice to be warm for a change and the venue at Western Guilford is one of the best for viewing a game. Southeast looked great both in the JV game and Varsity. The bats are rolling and the runs are coming. This is what I had from my perch on the hill –

    WP Dylan Shutt
    Dylan was on from the first pitch and had an outstanding game

    DJ Flinchum came in to relieve Dylan and pitched the 6th and final inning for SE

    Josh Tobias was 3 for 3 with a single, double and a HUGE homerun in his final at bat to finish with 3 RBI’s

    Dallas Newton had a monster game going 3 for 4 with 2 singles and a triple and finished with 3 RBI’s. He also had a nice diving catch in CF in the 1st inning

    Colby Keene went 2 for 2 and had 3 RBI’s and another solid night behind the plate for the Falcons

    Taylor Callahan stroked 2 singles to go 2 for 3

    Dillon Barker went 2 for 4 at the dish with 2 singles

    Blake Butler went 1for 3 with 1 RBI

    Justin Reece also went 1 for 3 with 1 RBI

    Timothy Amick had a big double and finished 1 for 3

    Craig Jacobelli hit a smash to the fence in the right center gap to end the night 1 for 1 with 1 RBI

  6. sefan, I posted this on the other page last night and don’t know if you saw it. I hope you enjoyed your burgers. My crow was a little burnt. Your pitcher ( Deal-and-Shut) was on tonight, and we are very young. Sorry we couldn’t put up more of a fight. At least we did have the rare feat of throwing out Tobias once. Looks like you guys have a good shot at conference

  7. Chris, Got the video where our catcher threw out Josh at 3rd? Seriously i would like to have it.

  8. Sorry 77, I didn’t have the battery to tape the entire game. I was picking my spots. That was a great play by your catcher. The throw was perfect!

  9. I’m not saying exactly how many I may or may not have had. I only recall 2 but I must have bought many more. Maybe it was due to a few too many diet cokes.

    That was a perfect play to throw Tobias out. That video is very rare since JT has wheels.

    I must say that my statement to JT’s dad was “I think Josh is due for a dinger this at bat” just before he hit the bomb. I was feeling pretty good after that but I called nothing else right for the rest of the night. Good video Chris. I can’t follow the ball but I told Josh’s dad that I think it turned the light on in that trailer.

    I hope we get the games in tonight before the rain.

  10. Very emotional game for Ledford Tuesday night as their teammate – one of our better players and #1 pitcher was involved in a pretty bad car accident. He and his younger sister were hit head on while headed home after baseball practice Monday evening. Thankfully they are both okay – pretty banged up and still in the hospital. More than likely he will not be back on the baseball field this season. Great game against Southern Guilford.

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