HS Baseball Poll for the Week of 3/25/11

First week of the poll and I’m sure there will be some flaws and first thing we have to start doing is get everyone’s correct record in here and that will be one of our primary goals as the season and the polls move forward….We will adjust and we’ll have to adjust the polls too and we plan to add our private school poll by the end of next week and we will try and come out with a new poll each and every Friday…….We did it for football, we did it for basketball and here it comes for baseball and we will be looking at our Top Ten….Remember, private schools due up next week….

Here we go with Week One of the poll:
#1 Northeast Guilford(9-1)
#2 Southeast Guilford(7-2)
#3 Southwest Guilford(6-2)
#4 Dudley(6-3)
#5 Northwest Guilford(3-4)
#6 TIE Page(5-2)/Grimsley(3-4)
#8 Ragsdale(3-5)
#9 Northern Guilford(3-6)
#10 Eastern Guilford(3-5)

NEG with just the one loss and SEG with two losses and they lost to NEG, but SEG beat SWG and NWG with four losses fell to both NEG and SWG by just one run and Grimsley has topped Ragsdale which gives them an edge there and they also topped Page by one run which pushes both of them to almost dead even and NG beat EG to end up above them and so on and so on the scenarios go for the polls…..WG and HPC with two wins each on the outside looking to get in and we’ll see how this looks after tonight’s games…..


  1. Poll means nothing because its all about who you have on the bump anyway………

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