High School Baseball Tonight – 3/29/11: WA, Morehead, SEG, SA, NWG, NEG and Ragsdale all winners tonight…..

Southeast Guilford 3
Providence Grove 2

Ragsdale 3

All Varsity finals:
Western Alamance 5
Northern Guilford 4
(8 innings)

Morehead 6
Rockingham County 0

WP:Stephen Griffith with a two-hitter and he ended up with 11 K’s and 1 BB….
LP:Aaron Johnson

Southeast Guilford 12
Providence Grove 1
(5 innings)
WP:Dallas Newton

Southern Alamance 10
Western Guilford 6

WP:AJ Edwards
LP:Nin Marrero

NWG – 11
HP Central – 0

WP:Keaton Haack
LP:Seth Beane

NEG – 17
Southern Guilford – 5

WP:Luis Paula
LP:Zack Canada
HR:SG Kyle Nelson 3-Run home run….

From Tigers
Ragsdale 10
Southwest Guilford 0

5 innings
WP Duncan Sparks, 5 innings, 9 K’s, 2 hits, 1 walk
LP Sean Geoghegan, 4 innings, 2 K’s, 7 hits, 1 walk
For Ragsdale: Grant Desjardins 1-3, Matt Horkey 2-2 (2), Kyle Morrison 1-2 (2), Zack Hodges 2-4, Trey Swaim 1-3, Duncan Sparks 1-3, Tyler Southcott 1-3.

For Southwest: Ethan Brown 1-1, Kyle Miller 1-3,

Northeast Guilford-Southern Guilford breakdown:
NEG pitching with Luis Paula winning pitcher going two innings and giving up 0 runs, on one hit, with three walks and three strikeouts….Shane Flippin and Matt Milloway came in from the Ram bullpen and finished off the game for Northeast….

Southern Guilford pitching with Zack Canada taking the loss after going an inning and a-third while giving up 6 runs on 7 hits and then Ryan Hedrick and Blaine Lamb worked in relief for the Storm……

NEG hitting:17 runs on 9 hits…
Joisel Colon 1-1 with a double, two RBI’s and 2 runs scored…
Jaylin Davis 3-4 with two doubles, 4 RBI’s, and three runs scored…
Luis Paula 2-3 with a double, 2 RBI’s and and three runs scored…
Johnny Brown 0-2 with 2 HBP and one run scored….
Jacob McCann 0-3 with a BB and 1 RBI…
Caleb McCann 0-1 with 3 BB’s, 2 RBI’s and two runs scored….
Harrison Phillips 1-3 with a BB and two runs scored…
Cole Wyrick 1-2 with a BB and two runs scored…
Matt Milloway 1-2 with two BB’s, 2 RBI’s and two runs scored….

Southern Guilford hitting:5 runs on four hits….
Kyle Nelson 1-3 with a three-run home run and one run scored…
Owen Short 1-2 with a BB and one run scored…
Zack Canada 1-3 with a double and one run scored…
Ryan Hedrick 1-1 with 2BB’s, 2 RBI’s and one run scored…
Travis Hucks 0-2 with a BB and one run scored….


  1. Southern Alamance 10
    Western Guilford 6
    WP AJ Edwards
    LP Nin Marrero

    Too many errors for WG

  2. Was hoping to catch the Ragsdale varsity game after the JV game (SWG won a close one 4-3). I guess they started it early. By the time I got there the field was deserted. Good win for Ragsdale. Great outing again for Sparks. He has had a few dominating performances this year.

    Both teams turn around and play again Friday night at SWG.

    And is it just me or does it seem like there are a ton of blowouts this year in the Triad. Very few close games.

  3. Morehead 6-0 over Rockingham. Stephen Griffth threw a 2 hitter with 11 strikeouts and one walk. He carried a perfect into the 5th inning.
    Morehead 6
    Rockingham 0
    WP- Stephen Griffth
    LP- Aaron Johnson

  4. EG- 7 McMichael- 6
    EG scored 5 runs in the bottom of the seventh to win it………. and behind a strong pitching performance by Gunn who threw a complete game for the Wildcats

  5. Tell me this!!!! Why do yu hold a runner on first with thew bases loaded, especially with a left handed batter at the plate. Shows that you know nothing about baseball. I have been seeing this team do it all year. Please get a clue.

  6. BBFan if you are talking about SEG…did you watch the video or the game? Batter is right handed and no one held the runner at first. I seriously doubt that a coach with 30 years experience would hold a runner at first with 2 outs. Runner on may have held himselft up at first don’t know. He certainly held up at second and unfortunately the throw from the outfield was up the third base line, catcher made a heads up play and runner got tagged out going to third. The go ahead run had already scored. The lack of a clue…is on you.

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