Tar Heels and the NBA: Will they go/Should they stay??? There’s more than one on the possible leaving list…

There is more than one North Carolina Tar Heel on the potential list of early entries into the National Basketball Association; with Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Tyler Zeller, prettty much in that order, of how they stack up in the interest from the NBA insiders…… So, how many will go and how many will stay away from the NBA and play another day/night in Chapel Hill??? UNC coach Roy Williams has a few things to say, about the NBA and if it would be OK, for his men to make the move………

CLICK HERE to read more and to get a better idea how all of this vacating to the NBA, or maybe even a vacation to the NBA, stacks up…….

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  1. I dont think Hensen and Zeller should go at all. Barnes could. All three will be much better with another year of collegiate experience. I wish then well whatever they decide. Would be good to have them all back. If they did all return then a Final Four appearance would be expected! No pressure there!

    Go Heels. If all three leave ….. ouch.

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