Local College Baseball due up to the plate today with a Jake Holloway Day at NewBridge Bank Park: UNCG vs. A&T…

UNCG vs. N.C. A&T 6pm at NewBridge Bank Park….

It will be a “Jake Holloway-type Day” at NewBridge Bank Park(Home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers) if they get the N.C. A&T vs. UNCG game in today….Jake is the head groundskeeper at the stadium and if they can get this one in this afternoon, it will be another credit to Jake, in his long list of field preparation accomplishments….Game is set for 6pm and this might be the only one that we get to see today….It is up to Jake and his rake to make it happen…God forsake there be a lake, at home plate…..We’ll get the take from Jake and he will not fake his reply…..Hey Jake, time to get awake and smell the cake, we’re starting to bake and there’s a Baseball Fever burning…..Time for us to leave this one alone……Any more good phrases we could use or did we max out??? Do you partake?

Also slated:
Elon at East Carolina 6pm…Elon with Alex Swim(NWG) and Neil Pritchard(Asheboro HS), plus ECU with Ben Fultz(Ragsdale) and Seth Simmons(Calvary Baptist)…..


  1. Sounds like you might need a little quake and shake or maybe some Steak n Shake for your trach(trachea)……

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