SSPW Wrestling Reunion at Plato’s Crash Landing

Saturday June 18, with a bell time of 8:15pm and admission is only $1.00 on this great reunion night, to see Southern States Professional Wrestling at it’s finest, in what could be the final hour ever at Plato’s Crash Landing….

It has been nearly 25 years, but back for one more go ’round at Plato’s you’ll see Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Archimedes and then you’ll see your favorite wrestlers too, like “Cowboy” Chris Starr, “The Libyan Assassin”(he should be a real crowd pleaser, especially if Moammar decides to join him), “Bam Bam” Coalson, “Diamond Dan” Grondy, “Soulman” Ken Stainback, Jimmy the Genius, “Mean Mark” Vance, The unOriginal Masked/Missouri Mauler, plus just back in from Raleigh you have the chance to talk shop with “The Big Bear” Barry Cohen, due in from Levinwirth it’s “Dream Warrior” Harold Hadnot, plus on loan from Power Pro Wrestling we are looking forward to seeing “The Scrapyard Dog” and working his way back in from West Virginia, you’ll see Tim Blaze…..

That is quite a Reunion card for just one dollar, or maybe there is something symbolic about the $1.00 price…..Maybe that is what they should have been charging to see this fine offering through the years…..$1.00 is the true value for this form of artwork….That’s what we should have been paying all along, one dollar……..

It’s gonna be big and it’s gonna be good…..SSPW:Southern States Professional Wrestling returns for one night only, Saturday June 18, at Plato’s Crash Landing with special guests including Rick Chong, Connie Chong, Rae Dawn Chong, Tommy Chong, 4 women that used to work at Chong’s Massage Parlor and many more special surprises are planned, for this extarordinary evening……

It will be a night of the stars and get your $1.00, that’s one dollar tickets, in advance at Parts Unknown Comic Book Store on the corner of Mendenhall Street and Spring Garden Streets…..Special one-night only Wrestling Masks available at the old School Kids Records and Tapes Store across the street from the College Hill Sundries……Dick Foley and the “Scrapyard Dog”, along with their new manager Chris Plano, will be signing autographs on the day of the event, outside and across the street from Parts Unknown, on a vacant lot…..

This is the one you’ve been dreaming of, sort of like a modern-day Dream Warrior and now it is coming true, almost like the True Brothers from over on Chapman Street……This is it, your final WARNING…..Saturday June 18 at Plato’s on Boeing Drive just up the street from Socrates, Archimedes, and Aristole’s Loft……

I know one poor soul that will be the first in line…..Would that, could that be you?????


  1. And lest we forget the erstwhile referee, George “Quickcount” Dalton, who I beleive is still with us and we need to make contact with him or his stable.

  2. LMAO….Dont forget ….also on this awesome card….The return of “THE original ROCK” ( Rockin’ Robbie Aulman)……BE THERE!!!!

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