Smith Girls Basketball Team Washing Cars today at O’Reily’s Auto Parts on High Point Road: “Hey, get your car washed today”!!!

The Smith Lady Eagles basketball team is having their Big Car Wash TODAY at the O’Reily’s Auto Parts Store on High Point Road….They will be washing big cars and small cars too(Trucks, Vans, Mini Vans/Mini Buses, Scooters, etc……Any thing that moves they will wash it TODAY……”Hey, get your car washed today, fill up and you don’t have to pay…..Fill up the donation bucket and you won’t have to pay…..” The Lady Eagles can use your help right now, as the Car Wash is on…..

The young ladies are having this fundraiser Carwash/Plate Sale at your favorite O’Reily’s Auto Parts Store, you know the one on High Point Rd., near Holden……

The Lady Eagles Basketball Team of Smith High School are washing now at the BIG Fundraiser Carwash and Plate Sale, at the O’Reily’s Auto Parts store on High Point Road (located near the intersection of High Point Rd and Holden Rd).

This event will take place from 9am-4pm TODAY.

Come out and show your support for the Lady Eagles of Ben L. Smith High School! For additional information please contact Head Coach: Wil Perry at (252)767-5405.