Going to the game today, but I saw something else instead…..

Went out to Northeast Guilford to check out the game today, but no game….Most of the area games were postponed this afternoon/evening….

Saw something on the way back into town and it was not a game….It was destruction….It looked bad, almost like a case of devastation…..Coming off of Wendover Avenue up on to Summit Avenue, it looked like a tornado had come through that Northeast side of town….

The McDonald’s on Summit was closed…Cookout was shut down, the Libby Hill Seafood across the street was not open….Up and down Summit Avenue and into the Northeast Shopping Center and the Summit Shopping Center, everything was closed and it was dark….

There was a power pole right near the McDonald’s and it was just split right in half…..A tree had gone right through a house….Many homes were without power today, but on this side of town and in this area, it was about as bad as it can get….

I hope the recovery is quick in that area and that they get their power back and can reopen for business on Wednesday…..Good luck to those people and our heart goes out to them in their time of need…..