“Trey Chapman” wins Shanes NCAA Mens Basketball Pool as Connecticut wins NCAA

It was a low scoring game Monday night; but it really didn’t matter in the Greensboro Sports / Shanes Rib Shack NCAA Mens Tournament. There were a lot of upsets as the 68 teams played down to the Final 2. Of the 66 players in our pool, only ONE – Chan Harrison – had Connecticut in the finals; but that was not good enough. Chan had correctly picked 39 games correctly. Tammy Overcash and Chris Milan both had 40 games correct. But that wasn’t good enough.

James Chapman playing under the bracket “Trey Chapman” had picked more games correctly – 43 to be exact. He matched President Obama in the number of games picked correctly. Unfortunately, President Obama’s wife won’t let him accept the Grand Prize (something about Ribs and Bar-B-Que); so James will be getting $100 in Gift Certificates from Shanes Rib Shack.

The final standings can be viewed here.