GBC 8U Baseball team has an event planned that you need to step into


If your youth athlete could use tips to stay Mentally Tough during competition,
please read on. The GBC 8U Baseball team is organizing a speaking event that is
targeted to youth athletes of all sports – not just baseball! Associate Professor
Jennifer Etnier is going to speak to tweens-high school athletes and the parents of
youth athletes of all sports/ages. She recently wrote a book titled “Bring Your ‘A’
Game: A Young Athletes Guide to Mental Toughness” and is going to discuss tips for
staying mentally tough in youth sports competition. The event is Tuesday, April
26th 6:30 pm at Page High School Auditorium and tickets are $10 each. Please share
this information with your friends, neighbors, fellow team parents and anyone else
who is involved in youth sports!

Contact Lori Aycock for more information…… or 587-4526

Please check out the website for information or to buy tickets