Hey, Southeast Guilford Fans, do you have a score for us???(SEG over Glenn 5-1/game called due to rain…)

Southeast Guilford 5
Glenn 1

Final with game called due to rain….In the battle between the top teams from the Metro 4-A and the Pidemont Triad 4-A Conferences, the Metro comes out on top and this makes it look like the Metro might just have a big leg up on the Piedmont Triad, since SEG topped both Glenn and SWG, the two top teams in the other conference……This seems to be a very good measuring stick at this stage of the season…..We are now about two-thirds of the way home…….

SEG Falcons were up by 5 runs over the Glenn Bobcats, when the rains hit….Thanks to the SegFan for the update, as he was on the scene and got caught in the rain as he was running to his getaway car/vehicle…..

Hey, Southeast Guilford Falcon Fans, do you have a baseball score for us???

Can we get a score on that game from this afternoon with the Glenn Bobcats? SegFan said the Gambles, Charlie III and IV, were trying to get the field ready and that they would only have the varsity game and that it would start at 3pm….

I was going to head on down there at around 4:30, after I a got a few updates done here on the site, but a large cloud came in and heavy rain quickly became the order of the afternoon…..

Here we go, Hey, Southeast Guilford Fans, do you have a score for us???

Here we go, you something we need…..


  1. Well you know they have me gun shy now since I missed it last night. I ran when the rain started this afternoon…again. We were up by 5 or so but I am not sure if they resumed the game later. Not sure if it was called or not. There was a pretty steady rain here this evening. Long post for…heck I don’t know but I think we won.

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