HS Baseball Bulletin Board for 4/10/11

from Saturday at Southeast Guilford High School:

Southeast Guilford 5
Glenn 1

Final with game called due to rain….In the battle between the top teams from the Metro 4-A and the Pidemont Triad 4-A Conferences, the Metro comes out on top and this makes it look like the Metro might just have a big leg up on the Piedmont Triad, since SEG topped both Glenn and SWG, the two top teams in the other conference(Piedmont Triad)……This seems to be a very good measuring stick at this stage of the season…..We are now about two-thirds of the way home…….Looking like Southeast Guilford is the 4-A team to beat in the Triad and NEG is the 3-A team that the others are chasing…..Asheboro has given Northeast a run for their money in both conference games this season, with both games going extra innings, before being decided by one run and this has the makings for a Championship-style game if the NEG Rams and the Asheboro Blue Comets were to meet again this season and the same could be said if SEG and Southern Alamance got together again…..SEG and SA have split during the regular season…..SEG, SA, Western Alamance and I believe Graham are all in the same bracket for the Graham Easter Tournament, coming up at the Graham Middle School, in just about two weeks…..Glenn and East Forsyth have at least one more meeting coming up and SWG gets one more shot at Glenn in the regular season……The cream is rising to the top and with weather getting much warmer, the coffee is about to run out……

I love it when all these conferences start getting things stirred up and all mixed up, just like a good cup of hot coffee…..Western Alamance is still brewing over there with Northern Guilford, Eastern Alamance and Eastern Guilford and Morehead is making their run and Rockingham County, plus McMichael might have some life and lift left in them…..