NCAA says colleges and universities can no longer subscribe to recruiting websites/services…..

The NCAA is coming down hard and they are telling their member colleges and universities, no more subscribing to websites and recruiting services and that flat-out, straight-up means no more,, 24/7, and even team sites…..(No more subscribing to these sites, says the NCAA)…..

This is putting it to the wall and those sites that have that pay wall, to receive the recruiting information, have now been banned by the NCAA….

CLICK HERE to read all from the Charlotte Observer on-line and they have a link with-in their link, that you need to read to get a full awareness of what is going on here, and even then, you may not be able to see all that is transpiring……The real question now becomes if the sites make the info free to the coaches, can the colleges/universities still utilize the information and can the sites now find another way to create revenue?????

Somebody is going to get somebody before the night is through, somebody is come undone, there’s nothing you can do…..There is going to be a heartache or stomach-ache somewhere tonight…..

How serious is this with the NCAA? This drop-in from the NBC site link from above:
How seriously is the NCAA taking this? It’s being reported that all schools who currently have a subscription to one of those sites are being required to report it to the NCAA as a secondary violation.


  1. I wonder if this will decrease or increase the power AAU coaches have with college coaches. The big AAU tournaments will really put coaching staffs to work now and HS coaches like coach Johnson will become a much more important part of the recruitment process. Will this mean more weekend showcases and increased travel for coaching staffs? Who will bear the cost of more showcases, ’cause most of the kids struggle to pay their way or do without something they need. I have a prediction of who will now be in “The Showcase Business” in the near future. It may even be a “non-profit”!!!!!

  2. So basically this just means that colleges will just not pay to view the premium content. They can still look at the free stuff.

  3. It is about time the NCAA do something about this. Too many coaches became to dependent on these ranking services that are politically done especially if an AAU team or coach has a name. Too often coaches see rankings of players and try to run with that and many times those rankings are very unjust. Coaches need to get out and go to the gym and see the players for themselves and let the results become the barometer. They need to get more in contact with the highschool coaches whom have a better feel for that player. How often have many seen players ranked very high and yet their overall results does not support it?

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