Northern Guilford Golfers Place Second at Mid State Conference Tournament

Mid State Conference Tournament
Deep Springs Country Club Par 72

Williams 294, Northern Guilford 305, McMichael 327, Morehead 334, Western
Alamance 335, Eastern Alamance 343, Rockingham County 346, Eastern Guilford 360

Individuals (Top 10)

t-1. William Register (W) 70; t-1. Luke Haithcock (W) 70, 3. Jeffrey Jackman
(NG) 72; t-4. Colin McKenna (NG) 73; t-4. Robert Register (W); t-6. Jay Ealley
(NG) 75; t-6. Trey Westbrooks (WA) 75; 8. Trey Horsley (M) 76; t-9. Dalton
Berry (McM) 78; t-9. Caleb Keck (RC) 78.

Player of the Year: William Register, Williams
Coach of the Year: Tommy Cole, Williams

Teams Advancing to Regionals: Williams, Northern Guilford, McMichael, Rockingham

Individuals Qualifying to Regionals: Kyle Austin, Eastern Alamance, Tristan
Lough, Eastern Guilford, Zach Lance, Western Alamance, Trey Horsley, Morehead