All the buzz about Cam Newton:Will the Carolina Panthers select him with the #1 pick on Thursday night?

Thusday night at 8pm the NFL Draft is set to get started and do you think the Carolina Panthers will use that #1 pick, the first selection in the entire draft and select Cam Newton(Auburn), and make him their quarterback of the future?

The way the buzz is going around today, at least the buzz coming out of Charlotte, is that the Panthers pick will be Newton and they, being the Panthers big brass with Marty Hurney, Danny Morrison, Ron Rivera and even Jerry Richardson; all of the above are ready to party in Charlotte tomorrow night…..

But, I would think that Richardson, Hurney and Morrison and possibly even Rivera, would all be up in New York, LIVE for the big draft…….

How goes you think?

1) The Panthers will pick Newton with the #1?
2) It is all a smokescreen and Panthers plan to trade the pick and move down so they can get more players and have numerous selections in the draft?
3) The Panthers don’t know what they are going to do and they are planning to party tonight prior to leaving out for the draft?
4) None of the above of the above…….Jerry Richardson plans to save his money and buy another Hardees…..
5) I don’t care you say, and what time does Dale Earnhardt Jr. wash his car?

What are your thoughts on these and other pressing issues?