Back on the trail of the Hot List of local/area HS Baseball Players

We are headed back on the “Hot List” trail and here is some of what we have been seeing and if you have updated numbers please send them our way to here at the site in the comment box or to…..

New leader from what we have been able to find…..
Bennett Hixon-Wesleyan Academy(7-0)
Dylan Shutt-Southeast Guilford(7-0)
Dallas Newton-Southeast Guilford(5-0)
Austin Hardin-Northern Guilford(6-1)
Landon Biggs-McMichael(7-2)…..And the list should roll on….We know that at least 2 Northeast Guilford Rams need to be in here and my guess would say, Luis Paula and Harrison Phillips…..NEG has only lost one game all year….There is also a kid from Burlington Williams that only had one loss on last week’s list and we need an update on him too….

Home Runs:
Peter Guy-Ledford(11)
Jaylin Davis-Northeast Guilford(9)
Will Nance-Morehead(9)
Peter Guy-Ledford(8)
Logan Thornton-Burlington Williams(7)
Caleb McCann-Northeast Guilford(7)
Corey Kimber-Dudley(7)
Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(7)
Devin McLemore-Westchester(7)
Tripp Dunn-Forsyth Country Day(7)
Josh Tobias-Southeast Guilford(7)

Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(43)
*****I haven’t seen many others in this range, but I know that Davis at NEG is in there and so is Jon Bethea at HPCA….*****
Jaylin Davis-NEG(36)
Will Nance-Morehead(29)
Blake Butler-SEG(29)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(28)
(We need others for this list, but Taylor has been tearing it up.)

Batting Average:
We had last time out:
Jon Bethea-HPCA(.550)
Lucas Martin-McMichael(.536)
D.J. Reader-Grimsley(.486)
Will Nance-Morehead (.481)
Nick Taylor-ORMA(.435)
Ryan Puckett-McMichael(.431)
Josh Tobias-SEG(.420)
*****We need to get some others in here with this group too…..*****Good numbers, but I know there are more out there…..*****

Stolen Bases:
Josh Tobias-SEG(35)
Jaylin Davis-NEG(17)


  1. Pete Guy (Ledford 2012) now up to 10 Homeruns. Hit one off Luis Paula in game against NEG 4/29

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