Brian Hall captured them all:The BIG plays on video from last night’s SEG-WG game courtesy of WFMY NEWS 2 Sports

Brian Hall, the man to call, when you want to see them all, has the BIG plays from last night’s Western Guilford-Southeast Guilford baseball game at SEG and you’ll see Senior night festivities, the PLAY at the PLATE with the Western Guilford runner being called out by the home plate upmpire, “was he safe or was the Hornet runner out?”, you make the call, with help from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports/DigTriad videographer Brian Hall…..

You also see the Josh Tobias’ home run, his 7th of the season, the fine defensive play by Keith Anderson at second base, the work on mound by WG’s Nin Marrero and SEG’s Dylan Shutt and maybe even a defensive play by Nino Marrero in center field….

CLICK HERE and you get to see it all from Mr. Hall and we hope you have a ball while viewing and you don’t throw things at the wall when you are finished….

Thanks to Brian Hall and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports for the fine footage…..


  1. Hornet77 I say your man was obviously out at home but what with the mud I couldn’t really see the plate. What did you think? 🙂

    That was a closer game than we wanted to play last night. I think WG was pumped up and ready to put a dent into senior night.

  2. Hornet thanks for the picture! It confirms that the umpire was in the perfect position to make the call. Hopefullly Andy didn’t tell you what I really said.

    That was a good game for you guys to build on for next year. Metro should be interesting next year.

    I’m hoping these close games help us to keep focus and keep playing as a team so that we can make a deep run in the playoffs.

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