Former Greensboro City Gaters coach Ed McLean dead at 75

He coached “Pistol Pete” Maravich at Raleigh Broughton High School, he was an assistant coach on Jim Valvano’s staff at N.C. State and then he later coached our Greensboro entry in the Global Basketball Association(GBA), the Greensboro Greensboro City Gaters…..

Ed McLean, from Raleigh, coached our City Gaters, later the name was shortened to just Greensboro Gaters and Ed McLean had quite an interesting career working with all of those teams and the names he that he was linked to like Maravich and Valvano….

Maravich dead, Valvano dead and now Ed McLean is dead and you see the pattern…..They all have to go sometime and the list is growing every day….

McLean was hired to coach the Gaters by team owner and operator Joe Moore, back in the days of the Gaters and the Gaters had some players we all remember too, such as Lloyd Daniels and Michael Curry, who both went to play in the NBA and Curry later coached in the NBA….(Monte Towe was the Raleigh Bullfrogs coach in the GBA.)

The big nights for the Gaters were the times that they brought in the LA Lakers girls and the Bulls dance team, the Chicago Lovabulls….

Long live the memories of the Gaters and RIP Ed McLean, Jim Valvano and Pete Maravich……


  1. Good call and it makes it look like Mc-Lean, but that’s the way it is and you can’t change that….My buddy Denny McLain or is it McClain always said it would be this way….Shirley McLain?

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