NCHSAA will kick back $1,000 to all member schools and Fall practice can start on July 30

Some interesting notes coming out of the NCHSAA Spring meetings and the governing body will do all they can, to help their member schools, like sending $1,000 the schools way and also they can start fall practices on July 30 this year….

Some of the moves coming out of the meetings:
–all fall sports will now be able to begin practice on July 30 for 2011

–background checks will now be made by the NCHSAA on all those who register to officiate in the programs

–live streaming of regular season games, including football and basketball, was approved…..

Read all from the Charlotte Observer site when you CLICK HERE and if you have the time on your hands, give this a close read…..Money is needed to assist the schools and the NCHSAA is trying to find ways to make that money/funds more readily available…….