Thomasville honors legendary Kicking Coach/Teacher this past Sunday

On Sunday afternoons, there is one thing you can always find on the football practice fields over at Thomasville High School and it isn’t grass….Even when the grass dries up and dies from the extreme heat of summer and all the green starts to go away, there is one constant that won’t go away and for the young aspiring kickers in the Triad, they are glad 77 year-old Don Osborne, is still around and kicking…..He has been there for the area kickers, for over 30 years and he doesn’t plan to stop coaching them or helping them any time soon….

And the best part of Don’s Domain, there’s no charge….He does all of this teaching and kicking coaching for FREE….Don can help and he is happy to work with anyone…..He has been a part of Thomasville Bulldog coach Allen Brown’s staff through 7 State Championships……Tyler Hunt from Eastern Guilford works with Don, so does Will Johnson from High Point Central, and so did Kasey Redfern from Ragsdale, Austin Anthony from Page, as does a kid from East Wilkes High School that currently drives in from Wilkes County, every Sunday….

DO(Don Osborne) is a can DO operator…..He has worked the football camps at N.C. State, Elon, North Carolina and other ACC schools and at other universities across the nation…When the coaches need help in their kicking game and they want to get it DONE, they call DON……..Don Osborne, a true high school and college kicking legend, right here in our midst, in the Triad….

CLICK HERE to read more and learn more about the man that gets the job DONE, DON Osborne……..(Selection courtesy of the Thomasville Times.) And I may be wrong, but DON can get it DONE and help long snappers too……….