The Stadnik Brothers/Twins will let us know today at Western Guilford

East Carolina, N.C. State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Clemson and Michigan……(Hey, the Steiner Brothers went to Michigan, Rick and Scott…..)

Where will it be? The Stadnik Brothers/Twins will let us know this afternoon at Western Guilford High School, as they announce their college intentions and they will make the verbal choices be known today, at WG on Friendway Drive off of West Friendly Avenue and West Market Street….

The big offensive linemen will make their football call at around 3:15pm today at Western……

The inside scoop on the Stadniks:

The Stadnik Twins, juniors at Western Guilford High School, will be announcing their
college choice on Thursday, May 5 at 3:15pm in the auditorium at WGHS. The brothers
are both highly sought after football recruits who have received wide spread
attention and scholarship offers from colleges across the nation.

Brock Stadnik, Offensive Left Tackle and Long Snapper, has received upwards of
twenty D1 Scholarship offers. He is an All-State and All-American player, he is
ranked on ESPNU Top 150 and Tom Lemming’s Top 100. He will be playing in the Under
Armour All-America Bowl in January 2012.

Clayton Stadnik, Offensive Center and Defensive Lineman, is considered to be one of
the top Centers in the Southeast Region. He is a two year starter and two year
Academic All-Conference player. He currently holds over a handful of D1 Scholarship

Both brothers carry a 4.2+ GPA and plan to graduate early and begin College in
January 2012.


  1. They are gone in December 2011/Jauary 2012….Only have 4 and a-half months of school left at Western……

    They chose South Carolina and the SEC…..

  2. I agree with Eddie. Why in the world are they making such a big deal over a verbal. I have heard that the dad packaged these boys together. Many college coaches were concerned about this.

  3. By the time the next year’s big February signing day rolls around they will already be in school at South Carolina….The bigger brother Brock pushed hard to want to play at the same college with his brother….You have to respect the one brother looking out for his brother and wanting to keep the family together…..You have to meet and get to know these kids a little bit to appreciate what they are doing…..You guys don’t know the kids…..The brothers wanted to stick together and bigger Brock made that very clear…..I respect him for looking out for his brother and for wanting to keep them together…..There were plenty of colleges that wanted these kids….You guys never have anything good to say about anybody……

  4. Eddie, why does it matter to you if its a big deal?..You didn’t have to read it…Instead, you could have kept your negativity to yourself…Its a big deal because its a decision that they have made for the next four years of their life…Why be such a Scrooge and try to kill positive things?..Don’t we see enough bad news already?..You mention it only being a verbal, but I really don’t see these kids getting persuaded to change their mind anytime soon, unless Steve Spurrier goes 0-11 this year and gets canned…It sounds like they did their homework and love USC; therefore, they deserve their moment…I just don’t understand why someone is so negative…I really can’t comprehend that…Andy, I like your statement about getting to know these kids, especially before you make a negative comment about them…I don’t know them personally, but there is such negativity regarding people we don’t know or have an understanding of others’ situations…

    Congratulations to you kids from a Page fan…Would have loved to have seen y’all don the Pirate uniform, but I wish you well and good luck…Its awesome to see kids from the area get big time offers and get a chance to further their opportunities of school and football…Good luck your senior season in high school with the exception of your game with Page of course…Again, Congrats…

  5. If these kids go on to well, and we feel like they will, it really makes you proud to have had the chance to get to them a little bit….The list could go on forever, but it does make you proud to see the kids move on and succeed and to have known them through this site and to have been a small part of their success makes you feel like you have been a part of something….

    Always leaving someone out but The Stadniks, Sanders Kuxhausen, Josh Tobias, Brock Hudgens, DeSean Anderson, Miranda Jenkins, Duncan Everett, Ben Schmucker, Walt Sparks, Drew Adams, Ray Crawford, PJ Hairston, Mitch Oates, Brandon Clifford, Ethan Albright, Jon Spain, Eric Ebron, George Carter, Luke Heavner, Cal Sutphin, Clint Moore, David Dupont, Keenan Allen, Rocco Scarfone and the list could go on and on….But good too see the kids have a chance to move on and excel in the classroom and on the field….

    Bostic Brothers story that I was telling the Stadnik Brothers was that, Joe Bostic got the full ride to Clemson and Jeff was not offered, so he went to Fork Union initially and then a spot came open on the Clemson roster for a long-snapper and they brought Jeff on board….In his last year of high school Jeff weighed 190 pounds and when he got to Clemson he went to work and worked his butt off and he became a star lineman, won 3 Super Bowls and ended up in the Clemson Hall of Fame….Jeff went way above and beyond what the expectations were for him and it can be done again, but the work must be turned in…..Joe Bostic was right at 260 coming out of high school and All-State football and the State Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and he had all the tools and then Jeff was at 190 and looking for a school and then when Jeff Bostic got his shot, he went Hog Wild with it and became a World Champion Hog for the Washington Redskins……Give them all a chance and let’s how hard all these kids are willing to work….

    As the coach used to say, and I think it was Bobby Ross while at Georgia Tech, “just give us a chance, just one more chance”…..Tech got a chance and they won the UPI National Championship…….#1 in the Nation…..Who’s Next?, to use a line from the Georgia Bulldog lineman Bill Goldberg…….

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