High School Football Player Watch List as the Spring seasons wind down

These names came in yesterday and you can begin adding to the list when you check in with your names and comments below….(I added a few names to the incoming list, where I saw a few holes, but we need your input and we need it soon…)

Look at those four Quarterbacks out of the gate/pocket with James Summers, Daniel Downing, Matt Powlowski and Jamie Cunningham…..

Northern Guilford: Daniel Downing…Mark Mitchell….TJ Logan…

Southern Guilford: Jamie Cunninngham…..Malik Mosely

Page: James Summers….Drew Rogers….Orlando Hatfield…..

Northwest Guilford: Reid Baxter…. Matt Powlowski….

Western Guilford: The Standik Twins(Brock and Clayton)…Dorian Anderson….Keddesh Edwards…Josh Thompson…..Austin Proehl….

Southwest Guilford: Larry Edwards…..Brandon Banks……

High Point Central Justin Johnson…..Lashaurn Monk……Will Johnson….JD Higgins…

Grimsley: Jake Simpson…..DJ Reader….Charlie Jones….Kevin Walton…..Landis Shoffner

Smith: Kaylin Pratt….

Dudley: Demtrious McCorkle….Rashad Hayes

Ragsdale: Brad Davis…Duncan Sparks….Karson Redfern….

Northeast Guilford: Jacob McCann….

Eastern Guilford Tyler Hunt…..Joey Loosemore…..


  1. Andy,

    I know the staff at GHS is keeping quiet, but they are having quite a spring. Kids all working hard, and coaching staff being molded into place. My kid is on the watch list already, but a few names need to be added. Could have 5 scholarship kids in the senior class. Good kids that have bought into football, Coiro, and Neal. Was out at Defensive Skill Dev. yesterday and could see a big change in some bodies. Coach Neal was doing a great job. Landis Shoffner, and Kevin Walton are getting alot of interest and attention. Watch out for senior Defrees Caskiee, and Jeremy Chandler. The O-Line will be young, but big with a 6’6″ at tackle with the smallest being 6’2″. Coaches at GHS have embraced the process of building a program, and there are definitely some kids to watch!!! We will see an improvement, no promises, just kids that have put in the work to get better. Go Big Blue…

  2. Uh…what….did someone call my name? Did I hear someone talking a little pigskin?

    Summertime is meant for weight lifting, running and sweating.The boys in blue are working hard and have a ways to go before they rest. Defense was tremendous last year. Must improve on the offensive side of the ball, especially the running game which was absolutely dismal at times. But no doubt there are better days ahead for the Whirlies.

  3. Jamari Mclien from andrews maybe the best defensive back in guilford county thid year amd marques swinton…
    Do a before season poll i would put northwest guilford,andrews,northern qnd then sputhwest.

  4. Can’t wait to see NW this year. Coming off a 9-4 season Conference Champs, Second round of the playoffs for the first time in forever.
    Should have an explosive offense with lots of weapons. The big concern for the Vikes will be the Defense they lose 8 starters and lots of talent.

  5. I didn’t realize NW beat Ragsdale last year. That NW team is good. The more time passes the better they get.

  6. NW didn’t beat Ragsdale last year they lost 24-21. They were co-conference champs with Ragsdale.

  7. I love all this talk about football…Like someone else mentioned earlier, this time of the year is meant for hard work and sweating…Guilford County should have some great teams to watch this year…I’m excited to see how Page turns out…They have 18 starters returning from last year’s team, so I’m hoping they can push deep into the playoffs…

    Boys, who is ready for some football???????????????????

  8. Whirlies and Big Blue,
    I’m a Whirlie thru and thru, but I think you’re kidding yourself if you think anybody can turn that program around in one year. The dimise of that program started years ago and it will take years to bring it back. I hope Corio is the man to do it, but even the nicest guy can’t make chicken salad out of chicken you know what. Everybody’s kids are working hard, sweating, running, whatever. The question is, what is Senior High doing above and beyond everyone else? How are our players making the sacrifices necessary to be winners? I still see kids out around town all hours of the night acting a fool, eyes all bloodshot buying twinkies at Walmart. I hear about all the drugs and alcohol and partying running rampant with these kids. I know you can agrue that it’s happenig all over the place, but Greensboro Senior High used to be above all that, and I hope it will be again.

  9. Grimsley will be great this year they have a group of hard working kids…. And I’m ready to see dj reader dominate the competition this year and prove that he is without a doubt the best player in the city.

  10. Brandon Banks at Southwest Guilford in a straight beast. he was the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference defensive Player of the Year as a Junior. He is big time!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yeah that kid from SW Guilford is an animal! I bet teams run away from him all season!

  12. This list is clearly incomplete. The Pirates are a deep and talented team. They suffered some losses to grades last year that had and impact on the depth of the o-line and d-line, yet they still had a great season. This year is going to be special with the talent returning from last season plus the addition of some very talented players moving up from the undeated jv team.

  13. Jordan Putnam up from the JV team ought to help…..I think he quarterbacked two straight unbeaten seasons of Pirtate football down there…..He will allow the Pirates to try a few things, what they will be, we’ll have to wait and see….Page should be the clear-cut favorite to take the Metro 4-A this fall….Their goal will be to go unbeaten in the Metro…..Tough/interesting non-conference game with Northern Guilford coming up early in the season…….

  14. Northern Guilford first four games:
    @ Central Pageland, SC—defending 2AA SC state champ
    vs Page
    @ Dudley
    @ Northwest Guilford
    Now this is a tough non-conf schedule
    Can’t wait NGHS!!!!

  15. The big one is in week 4 for Northern Oh Snap! That game is @ Northern by the way…….

  16. Don’t forget Dalton Dillon is back for NW as part of an offense that averaged 30 points per game and returns eight starters (Pawlowski, Baxter, Overcash, Campbell, Yates, C. Smith and A. Smith), as well as Kristie, who was a starter before a season ending injury. Yes, NW lost a lot of starters on defense and they will be missed. However, the defense returns All-Conference Linebacker Logan Lover, CB Ethan Tingler, and FS Kevin Parrish. There’s alot of excitement about the kids, who will be filling those other starting positions. These are kids, who are very good athletes with great football IQ’s, and they have put alot of work into the off-season. This defense may surprise alot of people.

  17. Based upon what I have seen and followed the past couple of years, that NWG backfield with Matt P., Reid Baxter and Dalton Dillon is as sturdy and tough as any backfield in the Triad….You have speed, power and a very good arm in that backfield….Those kids can and will challenge for the Conference Championship…..Could be your early Piedmont Triad 4-A favorites on the way in….Ragsdale lost Heavner, but will have Herndon at QB and High Point Central lost Drew Adams and will have to start anew at QB, and SWG lost Airyn Willis and will will need to reload on their offensive side of the ball….SWG defense should be very tough with Banks….Glenn will be good and East Forsyth has numbers that Wake Forest would love to have and both Glenn and EF will will right there in the middle of it all….

    After all is said and done, with the experience of Matt P., and the balance of the backs Baxter and Dillon, NWG has plenty of talent to work with and those three are among the best backs at their positions in the state….You have to throw in all the returns and other things that they do too….That Northern Guilford-NWG game should be real great matchup on the non-conference realm….The guys we mentioned going against Daniel Downing, TJ Logan and others……

  18. Dont sleep on Western Guilford they had a young team last year,they spent the off season in the weight room CONSTANTLY,they are well conditioned and ready to go. The young team is now a seasoned team, WR Dorion Anderson has bulked up, increased his speed, raised his Football IQ tremendously and stays in “Go Mode”, WR Kedish Edwards has increased his knowledge both on offense and defense this kid has a few surprises in store for opposing teams. QB Austin Proehl knows how to get out of the pocket when he needs to, with his speed and his strong throwing arm don’t under estimate this young QB he packs power. The “Twin Towers” (Brock & Clayton Stadnik) still packing the punch showing no MERCY. This 2011-2012 Western Guilford Football team plans to ” Leave Nothing Behind”.

  19. How did Blake Hickman and Ed Britt not make the watch list for Page? They are two of the best defensive players in Guilford county hands down.

  20. Northeast Guilford might not always be the most opposing team but look at there record and you’ll see they do perform…undefeated in the Mid-Piedmont 2 years in a row with a all-conference QB Kyle Martin and prospect LB Jacob McCann also all-conference coming back the Rams look good. Theres also a RB coming up from the jv Johnathan Morehead thats pretty fast like most of the RB’s that are successfull in the triple-option watch for him to be a surprising threat to opposing teams…

  21. hey u guys better not underestimate the Grimsley Whirlies Football Progam this year!ok I know they didnt do 2 good last year!but I have talked 2 several players on the team including the QB Jake Simpson and the attitude and momentum they have for this year is awesome!and yes our QB is young but he is good!so If I was u I would watch out fot them Whirlies this year!they will be kicking butt this year!and yes I am a returning sophmore 2 Grimsley this year!and I looking foward 2 awesome FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!GO WHIRLIES!

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