Friday the 13th can be a rough one:Former Dallas Cowboys’ RB dies, Carolina Hurricanes’ Zamboni driver dies, Alabama offensive lineman dies…

Ron Springs, former Dallas Cowboys’ runningback has died at age 54:
CLICK HERE to read about the death of the man that former Cowboy Everson Walls called his best friend ever……

The Zamboni driver for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team has died…..Donnie MacMillian gone from an apparent heart attack at age 52….CLICK HERE to read more on Mac and the attack….Who was our old Zamboni driver at the Greensboro Coliseum? Wasn’t his name Cliff, and he used to work for the City of Greensboro and he ran Cliff’s Lawn Service on the side?????

They say this hits in threes and this third death coming in on Friday the 13th, is suspicious….Former Tennessee Volunteer offensive lineman and current University of Alabama Crimson Tide “O” lineman, 21-year old Aaron Douglas, found dead in Florida and this one comes across as a bit unusual/strange….See for yourself when you CLICK HERE….

Sounds like there had been some partying going on and Douglas was later found dead, out on a balcony….His parents were big time Tennessee Volunteers in football and cheerleading back in their day, and maybe Aaron felt like he never measured up, to his parents’ achievements at UT….

All of these coming in from…..