HS Baseball Bulletin Board for 5/13/11:Playoffs with SEG and NWG at home; SWG, Dudley and WG on the road…..

In case you missed it last night it was Northeast Guilford over Overhills, 13-0, behind a three-hitter from pitcher Luis Paula and Western Alamance shot down Oxford Webb 14-0, so NEG(24-1) and WA(13-9) will meet next Tuesday night at Northeast….

Tonight we have Round One games with:

At home……(All games set to start at 7pm, unless the schools have told you different.)
East Forsyth(15-10) at Southeast Guilford(22-3)….
South Mecklenburg(16-9) at Northwest Guilford(17-9)…..

Plus on the road…..
Southwest Guilford(16-8) at West Forsyth(20-5)……
Western Guilford(8-14) at Providence(24-2)…..
Dudley(17-9) at Ardrey Kell(21-4)…..

And in our area…..
North Davidson(13-9) at Southern Alamance(21-5)….
Matthews Butler(15-9) at Davie County(22-2)…..

*****As you go into these Round One games tonight, the coaches’ mantra has to be, “We are entering a one-game playoff series and we have to go with our best pitcher tonight, because if we don’t, there may not be a game two….You have to bring the best, ’cause if you don’t you may not see the rest,(of May)….*****
+++++If you don’t throw your ace tonight you may as well stay home, and if you are already home, you may as well hit the road.+++++

SEG, you should see Dylan Shutt, a senior with a record of (8-0)……East Forsyth might just have Dillon Ward or Scudder up their sleeve and both of those kids, Ward and Scudder are very tough pitchers….I’ve seen Ward and he can “bring it”…..NWG, Keaton Haack went for you back on Monday and now you lean on Duncan Everett, a senior who has got you there before on many occasions……You may not get a Skunkin’ from Duncan, but this young man has been to the top of Mount Everett and he is better/tougher from the climb….For SWG, you look to sophomore Matt Orth who has been injured, after taking that line-drive shot to head versus East Forsyth, but Mo should be ready to go and don’t you know, they talk of him turning pro, but he just wants to turn in a strong Round One performance tonight…..Dudley should be turning to their ace Corey Kimber and if you don’t you may just be wasting the gas for the trip down to Charlotte, to face Ardrey Kell…..Kell would be the #1 team in the state on the 4-A level, if it were not for the fact, that they are in the same conference with Providence, the current #1……Dudley needs a real strong performance from Corey(hoping Kimber is limber), if they want to continue this 2011 Panther Baseball Story, which could include Round Two Glory, if they upset Kell this evening…..Western Guilford must look to Nin Marrero….If the Hornets bring in Nin, they have a chance of staying in this game with Providence, otherwise it could be a long night for WG, down in Mecklenburg County…..This could be Nin’s last win, and and Coach Causey will have to pin the win on Nin, or look to his bull in the pen to stop Providen-ce on this Round One Friday……Can Nin do it again? Stay tuned, we’ll have details on this from Hornet 77 later on this evening….

We also hope to hear from Mr. P or Mr. B out at NWG…..On SWG, we’ll have to wait and see, it may be Greg J., going the way of Will’s facebook friends to bring that one in…..I hope to be at SEG, to watch the Falcons take flight tonight and then for Dudley we will rely on our man in the sky, the GREAT sound effects specialist and his wife, to share the moment of their life, as Lewis Allen can be pal-in'(our pal) to us here at the site and send us that Panther score tonight…….

That’s our call and we hope our teams can win them ALL and if they don’t, it won’t be time to cry or die, you can call the FBI…… You just call the “FBI”, Former Baseballers Insurance (Inc.) and make a claim and then collect within 24 hours…….They guarantee that you will be playing baseball again, on Feburary 28, 2012……