Still tracking The HS Baseball Hot List as it continues for new week

New updates for the list……And if you have others send them in to the site, or to…..

Dylan Shutt has gone to (9-0) with his pitching win, in SEG’s victory over East Forsyth, this past Friday night….

Landon Biggs(sophmore)McMichael:W-L (8-3) 62 IP 60 k’s 1.88 ERA(final stats)…..

Blake Butler:SEG has moved from 29 RBI’s on the season to 34 RBI for the year, after his 2 HR/5 RBI performance, in SEG’s 6-2 win over EF last Friday night…..Not sure what his HR total is, but we have updated his RBI’s…..(We are hearing that Butler, a junior, is now looking at Coastal Carolina in Conway, South Carolina as one of the main colleges, on his hit list….) Butler batting average at .474…..

Chris Ferrante:Wesleyan-.481 avg., 36 RBI, 35 runs, 14 2B and 6 HR….

Nick Taylor:ORMA-.424 avg., 8 home runs, 63 RBI’s and 2 stolen bases

Final stats on Logan Thornton-Burlington Williams:Logan Thornton- .438 avg……618 Obp….7 HR’s….26 RBI…Out of 85 plate appearances he had only 5 K’s and was issued 22 BB’s…..

Dylan Shutt-Southeast Guilford(9-0)
Landon Biggs-McMichael(8-3)
Bennett Hixon-Wesleyan Academy(7-1)
Austin Hardin-Northern Guilford(7-1)
Justin Morrison-HPCA(7-1)
Keaton Haack-NWG(7-2)
Dallas Newton-Southeast Guilford(5-0)……
Craig Jacobelli-SEG(5-1)
George Carter(5-1)
Duncan Everett-NWG(6-3)
And the list should roll on……

Home Runs:
Peter Guy-Ledford(12)
Robert Deluca-FCD(12)
Adam Griffin-FCD(10)
Will Nance-Morehead(10)
Jaylin Davis-Northeast Guilford(9)
Josh Tobias-Southeast Guilford(9)
Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(8)
Justin Morrison-HPCA(7)
Logan Thornton-Burlington Williams(7)
Corey Kimber-Dudley(7)
George Carter-FCD(7)
Devin McLemore-Westchester(7)
Tripp Dunn-Forsyth Country Day(7)
Caleb McCann-Northeast Guilford(6)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(6)
Chris Ferrante-Wesleyan(6)
Jacob McCann-Northeast Guilford(5)
Sawyer Highfill-Grimsley(5)

Nick Taylor-Oak Ridge(63)
Jaylin Davis-NEG(40)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(40)
Chris Ferrante-Wesleyan(36)
Will Nance-Morehead(36)
Blake Butler-SEG(34)
Pete Guy-Ledford(34)
Blake Butler-SEG(32)
Nick Mancuso-Caldwell(30)
Tiger Miller-ORMA(29)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(28)
Spencer Osbourne-Morehead (26)
Logan Thornton-Williams(26)
Edwin Soto-ORMA(26)
Dillon Barker-SEG(24)
Colby Keene-SEG(21)
Sawyer Highfill-Grimsley(21)
DJ Reader-Grimsley(20)
Josh Tobias-SEG(19)
Tyler Shelton-Morehead (19)
Adam Gunn-EG(16)

Batting Average:
Nick Mancuso-Caldwell(.580)
Jon Bethea-HPCA(.550)
Lucas Martin-McMichael(.536)
D.J. Reader-Grimsley(.529)
Edwin Soto-ORMA(.524)
Pete Guy-Ledford(.517)
Adam Griffin-FCD(.500)
Will Nance-Morehead(.493)
Josh Tobias-SEG(.492)
Chris Ferrante-Wesleyan(.481)
Blake Butler-SEG(.474)
Dillon Barker-SEG(.466)
Adam Gunn-Eastern Guilford(.449)
Sanders Kuxhausen-NWG(.440)
Logan Thornton-William(.438)
Ryan Puckett-McMichael(.431)
Craig Jacobelli-SEG(.429)
Tanner Trantham-Morehead(.425)
Nick Taylor-ORMA(.424)

Stolen Bases:
Josh Tobias-SEG(39)
Jaylin Davis-NEG(20)
Edwin Soto-ORMA(17)
Eli Coe-Morehead(11)
Dallas Newton-SEG(10)
Adam Gunn-EG(6)



  2. Final Will Nance stats .493 BA, 10 HR and 36 RBI Tanner Trantham (Morehead) .425 BA

  3. What are Josiel Colon stats?
    Im pretty sure he’s up there with the stolen bases and average.

  4. Stats coming in from Coaches, Max Preps, WFMY, News and Record Articles, Us at the games…..I would say pretty much all of these players are with their given team and we have put a lot of time and effort into this and we have done a good job. We go all over looking for and seeking out the stats, some coaches don’t want their players stats to be posted and we respect that…..Many coaches and teams want to wait until they have all their final stats together and that is a good thing….We are providing more stats and numbers than any other site that I have seen, at least when it all comes down to the area and local players and there’s no need to go slamming that…..Many coaches tell us that this is the only thing like it around and if so, that is good thing for the kids…..

  5. According to Maxpreps DJ Reader hit .529 with 20 RBIs and Sawyer Highifill had 21 RBIs

  6. Many times you have parents keeping the books. And some coaches don’t want their stats out there.

  7. Robert Deluca 13 hr .428 avg , Adam Griffin 11 hr, George Carter 9 hr, Tripp Dunn 8 hr 40 rbi, .433 avg, D C Arendas 5 hr

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