HS Baseball Bulletin Board for 5/17/11 with Playoff Games tonight:Any postponements yet???

Next up Round Two tonight with:
Western Alamance(13-9) at Northeast Guilford(24-1) at 7pm….
West Forsyth(21-5) at Southeast Guilford(23-3) at 7pm……[Game has been moved to Wednesday night….]
Ardrey Kell at Glenn PPD(courtesy of Brian Hall WFMY TV 2)
Northwest Guilford(18-9) at Providence High(25-2) in Charlotte at 7pm….

Guilford County teams remaining:
Northeast Guilford(24-1)
Southeast Guilford(23-3)
Northwest Guilford(18-9)

Will we see Harrison Phillips for NEG on the hill, Craig Jacobelli or Dallas Newton for SEG and Keaton Haack for NWG??? What do you think and will we get the games in tonight, or will we be playing on Wednesday???


  1. If I were a handicapper going in, I would have said NEG on tonight and SEG moved to Wednesday…..

    So far, I am on the money…..NEG still on and SEG has moved their game with West Forsyth to Wed……This will give WF more time to get Mayhew and the other kid that pitched this past Saturday vs. SWG ready…..WF might come right back with those two that took down SWG 3-0 back on Saturday….Plenty of time now to speculate, but now I will be at NEG tonight and on down to SEG on Wednesday and NEG, let’s get that game in…..Third meeting with Western Alamance this season…..8-7 WA in game one, and then 13-5 NEG in game two…….NEG needs to put this one away early tonight…..Johnny Brown, Paula, Davis, McCanns, Colon, Wyrick, Jordan Brown and Millaway need to get it done….

  2. As of 3 pm today, the Northwest Viking baseball team is still on the bus headed toward Providence for the game at 7 pm. They have been on the bus for an hour with rain most of the way. Parents and fans are heading down throughout the afternoon to watch our boys in the second round of States. It will be speed on speed for the pitching dual. Northwest is the underdog for sure with the Div 1 recruits on Providence, so it is time for the slingshot to be put in play!!! Someone post the biblical quote. I don’t have my bible with me right now. Go Northwest!!!!

  3. As the gentleman said on the plane above Pennsylvania on 9/11, “Let’s Roll”……And in Hoosiers, the man/father said that David took a stone from his small pouch and put it in his sling and then thrust the stone with his slingshot into the head of the giant and he slew the giant and “David” Keaton Haack will need to take a small baseball from the umpire’s pouch and then continually thrust that baseball, at a high of speed toward the plate, throughout the game tonight in Charlotte, at Providence High School and slew the (25-2) PHS…..

  4. You got it Andy!!! Just got word at 3:30 pm that the Northwest bus is turning around headed back to Greensboro this Tuesday afternoon. David must put his slingshot away for another night with clearer weather. May the Northwest boys muster all the strength in their bodies, minds, and souls with a huge travelling crowd that cheers them to victory!!!!

  5. We got it and the fans have been notified…Thanks for the update and the reports and good luck to the team on Wednesday…..Spencer must shine/polish the rock before it enters the sling…..And he must also send out a big “Let’s Go” right before the release…..

  6. Andy,
    Spencer is a special part of thisNorthwest baseball team as you know. There was a group of boys from the team and their dates who went out as a group with Spencer and his date to dinner and then the Northwest Prom this past Saturday night. They had a wonderful time. Spencer was a sharp as ever!!!

    Before each game, all the boys go off and huddle together on one knee and a prayer is said. They are a tight group and maybe, just maybe, there might be a mention of David in that next huddle on the baseball field.

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