WXII TV 12 could be busy tomorrow morning:Increase in viewership for WFU piece??

from WRALSportsFan.com:

On Thursday, NBC’s Today Show(Locally WXII TV 12 and on TWC at #11) will air a story about sexual assaults on college campuses, and Wake Forest University has been told that a former student will appear on the show.

Gary Clark and Jeff Teague, both now former Wake Forest University basketball players, have been mentioned as the the men involved in the sexual assault, but the accuser has yet to be identified…..

This will put WFU in the national spotlight, but is this the way you want to get there and if there was not enough substantial evidence to charge Clark and Teague with any wrongdoing when the incident occurred, then how much pure validity can we tag this piece with now, in 2011???

We’ll have to wait and see and tune in to WXII TV on Thursday…..8am? We need reporters to watch this one and give their summaries after it airs……….

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