NC Gaters U14 Blue Team in State Championship Today

The NC Gaters U14 Blue Team will be playing for the U15 D3 State Championship Sunday. This younger group of players beat Carolina Express U15’s Friday night 62-49. They then beat Urban Crossover U15’s 54-34 today. The Gaters will play the NC Force(Fayetteville) for the title. It’s been an impressive weekend of basketball for the Gaters!

Gater Roster:

Matt Dillon- Northwest MS
Ben Ferguson- Southwest MS
Jacar Green- Randleman MS
Sam Hildreth- Northern MS
Colin Lipke- Jamestown MS
DJ Lowe- Holmes MS(Eden)
Juval Mollett- Randleman MS
Keenan Scott- Northwest HS

Coach: Bob Lipke


  1. I was working this tourney and had the opportunity to watch them play during my break. I was amazed how fundamentally sound and disciplined in the way they play. It was not your typical one on one AAU style of play and it was a pleasure to watch them blow out and older and much bigger team. I hope they won it all today!

  2. I love it when I hear the “typical” AAU style of one on one. Does that mean the game was boring? Does that mean that they had less talent than the “typical” AAU team? Does it mean that they played recreational teams with rec talent? You are right! If you really wanted to see a “typical” AAU team then you will have to see the 14u Spiders. Awesome talent, kids with a high skill set. Guarantee that this “typical” AAU team will beat the brakes off of this “fundamentally” sound 14u Gaters by 50 points! Ha!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shouldn’t the goal be a talented team that is also fundamentally sound? I would imagine Roy or Coach K would love to have kids that come in fundamentally sound. Talent normally wins out, but talent with the fundamentals is an unbeatable combination.

  4. HEY, what you have nothing better to do than bash 14 year olds?You are probably one of those crazy parents who watches the NBA and think that’s a good product!

  5. @ CLT, I did not bash 14 year olds, I just ask some questions. BTW, NBA is an awesome product. Those players are “great” at what they do. If the product was not good, why do they make millions? Oh yeah, I am a little crazy, but I am not a parent, thank God (lol).

  6. It is great to see such talent in our city (area). Between this 14u Gators Blue team and the 14u Phoenix Richardson team that I final saw play this weekend in the Phoenix Invitation, Greensboro should be extremely proud to be represented by teams performing at this level and doing things the right way. I have not seen this 14u Gators Blue team but the 14u Phoenix Richardson team put on a clinic this past weekend and apparently that is what they have been doing through out NC and VA in USSSA and AAU tournaments all year. The Phoenix team did not even have their center available but they were able to beat a team with a 6’9″ center. The Phoenix team run as fast as any team that I have seen this year but they were running with intelligence.

    The problem with many AAU teams is not that they run and gun but that they are running and gunning for their own self promotion and not for the benefit of the team. The Richardson Phoenix team not only knows how to run and gun but they truly understand floor spacing, how to attack the goal and defender, how to rotate defensively, and most importantly they played for each other. By the way, I forgot to mention that this Phoenix team was playing up this weekend much like the 14u Gator’s Blue. These are victories for our community and we should be celebrating all of these kids, their coaches, the Gaters & Phoenix clubs, and the ability to win by playing for other. Any college scout that would have been watching this weekend would have made a long list of potential signees for the 2015 class.

  7. What he said…. Andy, we are lucky to have such good up and coming players like these Phoenix and Gater kids. Congrats to the Gaters for a good weekend. By way,,,, this is a no bashing zone ,,,, let’s celebrate both clubs’ success.

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