Saturday Night HS Baseball – 5/28/11:Victory tonight for Southeast Guilford means deciding Game Three at TC Roberson on Monday

*****Also Congratulations to the Randleman Tigers as they will move on to play for the State 2-A Championship as representatives from the East*****:
FINAL Tonight
Randleman 13
North Brunswick 7

STATE 4A Playoffs
SE Guilford 12
TC Robeson 3

WP: Dallas Newton
LP: Alex Ledford

SE HR Colby Keene

SE Guilford is now 27 – 4
TC Robeson is now 25-5

SEG hitting:Colby Keene 3-3 with a HR and 2 RBI’s…..Also 1 Keene BB and 2 Brent Frazier runs scored….
Blake Butler 2-5 with 2 Triples and at least 1 RBI and 2 runs scored…
Dallas Newton 2-2 with 3 RBI’s and a HBP and 1 Autin Bain run scored….
Craig Jacobelli 2-3 with 2 RBI’s and 2 runs scored….
Taylor Callahan 1-3 with a Double and 3 RBI’s….
Josh Tobias 1-3 with a BB and a HBP…..
Justin Reece 1-3 with 1 RBI…..

SEG pitching with Dallas Newton(Complete Game):Dallas gave up 3 runs on 3 hits with 3 BB’s, 8 K’s and 1 HBP……Very little offense at all by TC Roberson after the Rams went up early in the game, 3-0……SEG out-scored the Rams, 12-0, the rest of the way….

TC Roberson hitting:
Grant Petty 1-4
Aaron Wright 1-3 with 1 run scored…
Alex Ledford 0-3 with a BB and 1 run scored by Brad Ellis….
Carson Bryant 0-3 with 1 run scored…..Reached on a FC…..
James Nevant 1-2 with a Double a BB and 2 RBI’s…..
Tim McKeithan SAC Fly with 1 RBI….


  1. Beware the fly-by Falcon — will crap upon you when you are not looking….

    Make us spend hard earned money on bus fare and we get angry…. angry birds are dangerous.

  2. Dylan Shutt will go on Monday for SEG with Craig Jacobelli waiting in the wings, according to what Coach Beasley said tonight…..

  3. South Point 6-2 over Marvin Ridge today and South Point will face Northeast Guilford for the STATE 3-A Championship………

  4. No brooms ever mentioned here, just on pace to go 5-0 this week, That would make me 7-4 on my picks, Id take those odds to Vegas and retire!!

  5. Andy, the actual score was 6-2 SP over Marvin Ridge – what you see at NCHSAA bracket page is the series score (2 games – 0 games). I posted a link under the MR/SP reschedule blog.

  6. Makes sense and I made the adjustment…..Again, thanks for the updates on South Point-Marvin Ridge…..

    The baseball people around here need to get up and start going crazy for NEG and SEG…..We have two Guilford County high school baseball teams right in the thick of it all and here we are almost at the beginning of June…..That’s saying something……Time to get up off of your hands and get on your feet, high school baseball is getting hot in this area and so are the temps and that’s another good excuse to get on your feet and move around, you might just get cooled off……

    Hot times in the City/County…….

  7. No reason to play state games this year — triad will dominate and embarass the other regions. Give ’em the ring now and everyone can get a quick vacation to the beach instead. Why even play?????

  8. NE Guilford has earned their right to be in the championship series, but I think my Red Raiders want to have a say in the 3A series. I personally would like to see history repeat itself. In 1979 SP football won the 3A championship. Thirty years later, they won the 2009 3A championship again. In 1981, SP baseball won the 3A championship. Here we are another 30 years later, playing for another 3A baseball championship. No guarantees, but I like the odds and destiny’s favor as well as the actual skills of the SP players.

    In the 4A series, SE Guilford still has to get past TC Roberson to represent the West. I am not saying they can’t but the game still has to be played and you are trying to give the rings out already.

    To be the man, you have to beat the man which is defending 2A champion East Rutherford, which has won 5 titles in the last decade. Granted the Cavaliers still have to beat East Lincoln tonight for West bragging rights, but should they do that, I would think they would have a problem conceding to Randleman without a chance to bat.

    In 1A who from the Triad would get the ring – South Stanly? – a stretch to call them a Triad team. Murphy, from the far west, still stands in their way. East Columbus, last year’s 1A champion, will be defending that title on behalf of the East.

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