Hoppers win on Galloway walk-off HR in the bottom of the 9th at NewBridge Bank Park:Galloway GONE!

Greensboro Grasshoppers 5
Lexington, Kentucky Legends 2

WP:Jordan Conley(1-0)
LP:Jorge DeLeon(1-1)
HR’s:(GSO) Galloway(7) Canha(6) Yelich(4) Double Danny Black…..
*****2-2 ball in the bottom of the 9th Inning at NewBridge Bank Park and Isaac Galloway connected with LONG GONE/GALLOWAY GONE HR, to win it for the Grasshoppers…..A three-run walk-off Home Run, to left field and the Galloway shot wins the game for the Hoppers…..Galloway’s HR also scored Danny Black and Noah Perio of the Hoppers and Canha and Yelich went back-to-back with their solo home runs in the second inning….*****