USC has title stripped:Will North Carolina get hit hard or just get a slap on the wrist?

The Bowl Championship Series stripped Southern California of its 2004 title on Monday, leaving that season without a BCS champion.

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Most recent news on North Carolina football infractions:
from www.wralsportsfan.comThe University of North Carolina is set to receive a notice of allegations from the NCAA this coming week, in reference to their ongoing investigation into the Tar Heel football program.

Greg Barnes(Inside said June 10th is the latest date that UNC had received from the NCAA, so to expect something on or around that date.

Will the Heels get hit hard, or will it just be a slap on the wrist?????

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  1. It will be not as hard as Southern Cal but will not be a wrist slap either based on what is now known.
    However, when UNC is finally forced to release the emails,phone records,parking tickets etc then anything could happen and it would most likely be worse for them.Greg Barnes from Iside Carolina has been wrong consistantly throughout the entire investigation.He is just parroting what the UNC football office believes and /or spins it to appease the UNC fanbase.Anyone remember when he said back in July that Marvin Austin and Greg Little were just going to sit out a game or 2 and this will all be over by Friday.Well we have had 45 or 46 Fridays since this first came out and it is far from over.What are they trying to hide over there? Judge Manning ordered the records released due to the media lawsuit led by of all outlets “The Daily Tar Heel”.They could release them without any repercussions of FERPA. Why are they stonewalling?Why was John Blake terminated and given a $75k severance? Why won’t Jennifer Wiley tell her story to the media?Why was she fired from the university and still hired as the personal tutor for Coach Davis’ son?More than anything else,why are our local media outlets not asking Dick Baddour these tough questions like I just posted here?

  2. Sorry to double post.I wanted to correct one error and the whole post came up again.
    Can anyone of the lt. blue persuasion answer my questions?
    How about you smh?You don’t want those questions answered,do you?

  3. Got rid of your double dose there Doc and I tried to talk to Baddour a while back and he had his people show me the door…….

  4. That should tell us something right there.
    UNC is hiding something from so they are hiding from all media outlets.
    Thanks for removing the double post but you removed the error free one.
    I do appreciate your effort to find out what Baddour is doing.

  5. The NCAA sent UNC the LOI today.
    It could be a while(or not) before their allegations about UNC are known.
    That may gives a clue as to what sanctions they receive.

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