Gripe or Complaint Box for June 21, 2011

Mid-Morning MadHouse 10am-12 Noon, Lunatics Lunch Hour from Noon till 2pm and the Afternoon DeFight from 2-6pm……

Got any new Gripes or Complaints?????

This is the box for Tuesday June 21, 2011. We are taking those gripes and complaints and we have to remind you to keep it real on your subject matter.

We will be cleaning out the box at the end of each day and we may have to do some cleaning throughout the day if the material gets too thick.

Local gripes or complaints, National gripes or complaints. Is there anything that is rubbing you the wrong way? How about that coaching change or the kid that just left one high school/college and is transferring to another? What about the kid that got left off the All-Conference team or the All-State team?

Is there a school board member that really has you upset???

Let us know, and by the way, do you have anything new for us today??????


  1. Heard last night that QRMA had stayed inside and hired one of the assistants to head up the program in 2011-12. Rumor has it that it’s a person with head coaching experience in the county and in the oak Ridge community. Anyone confirm this?

  2. Could that, would that be Coach Bob Lipke???

    I thought at one time we might see Coach Sandy Gann coming back or maybe Coach Stell or Coach Tesh from over at Western Guilford……Good to know that ORMA plans to keep it’s program up and going……

  3. How is ORMA going to field football, basketball baseball teams next year when they have told the players that no “scholarships” are available for next year? Over 70% of the players this year were there because Coach K paid their tuition.

  4. Was hoping that Matt Irwin’s award as an ABCA All South Region Gold Glove recipient would make your headlines, but I see it did not. Great kid who has worked exceptionally hard to become best centerfielder in the Southeast. Also stole over twenty bases and led off all season. He has a year left at GC and is worth coming to see!

  5. Once Bob Lowe left Greensboro College we stopped receiving info from Greensboro College…..When Bob left out, Greensboro College started getting left out and that is sad, but true…..If they don’t send it to us, we don’t know that it happened…..

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