Page-Northwest Guilford 7 on 7 from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports

Brian Hall, beat the rain that began to fall, on Tuesday evening and he was at Northwest Guilford, to catch up with the Vikings and the Page Pirates, in their 7 on 7 football workouts and you can catch the long ball with Brian Hall, from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, when you CLICK HERE and check out the 7 on 7 video…….


  1. Off topic but you know I just noticed.. Western Guilford isn’t ever mentioned in any of these 7on7s. I talked to a kid from western who is a senior and he said he has not participated in a 7on7 since his freshman year. Things that make you go hmmm…..

  2. Why not call this flag football? What a joke.

    I can’t imagine you can get much of a real football read on teams without actually blocking and tackling.

    I suppose they serve a purpose, but I wouldn’t put too much faith in how this correlates to real football.

  3. It still gets your kids better in one on one situations, as well as, route running, coverages, and your QB or back up QB gets much needed reps to get ready for the season. It’s not football, but it does help A LOT in many different areas.

    They serve enough purpose to the point where if you don’t do them at all, like Western, and everyone else does them.. it will hurt you..

  4. 7 on 7,

    These 7 on 7’s are meant to work on learning the passing routes and passing portion of the playbook. They are also meant to work on learning the defensive coverages as well. On top of that it’s getting your team on the field against other teams and competing again. So yes they do serve a purpose!

  5. This has to good for the quarterbacks and receivers to get their timing down and if you can take this straight to the late July/early August practice field, you have to be at least two-three weeks ahead of the learning and timing curve in your passing game……The earlier starts to the regular season really began to make these 7 on 7 a neccessity……It really gives the receivers an edge over the runningbacks early and it also is a big plus to get your early season work in against players in the different colored jerseys……..

  6. Everyone looks good in these drills until the hitting starts!!

    When the QB is flushed, can’t see past the line, has to throw off balance, the WR is chucked and off route………..then we’ll know who can play.

    I’ll be back in the fall asking how a struggling QB did in this flag football stuff!

  7. 7ON7’S are meant for timing and learning plays. You can’t hit in June or July but you can 7on7… what point are you trying to make? If the state allowed teams to put on pads and hit this time of year do you really think they would be having 7on7’s? Yes just because you do good in a 7on7 doesn’t mean its going to happen when you start hitting. Who Cares!!!! This is all they will allow NC High Schools to do so coaches take advantage of it!

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