Hot day today and some hot topics, but all will Chill when Eric and the Chill Tones start playing their music downtown on Saturday night

Eric Chilton(WFMY NEWS 2 Meteorologist) and his band the Chill Tones will start chilling and cooling the town down, downtown at around 7pm, on Saturday night and this ought to be the heat breaker, when EC and his Sunshine Band try to Chill on the Hill and they will, if you can pay the cover, brother…….I think it is 10 to get in, to hear and watch them till sundown downtown and the $10.00 fee, will not be free, but you will also get to see and hear the band Walrus, at around 9pm, right after the Chill Tones play all of their EC and the Sunshine Band hits from the 70’s and 80’s……(With possibley some 40’s, 50’s and 60’s thrown in for good measure…..)

This ought to be a very relaxing evening of pure entertainment, that would make even The King Richard Petty, or The King Elvis Pressley proud……

They don’t play loud, but they draw a good crowd, EC and the Sunshine Band, also known as Eric Chilton and the Chill Tones……Not to be confused with JD Higgins and the Moonshine Band, from Galax, Virginia…..

Higgins and his group will be playing on the Governor’s lawn in Richmond, Virginia this weekend and they have a doubleheader of sorts…..They will be there to mow the Governor’s lawn and then they will set up and play their own brand of Moonshine music, from dusk to dawn on Saturday night-Sunday morning……Robbie Thompson and his Two B’s Please Band couldn’t make it to Richmond this year, so Higgins and his crew were going to be mowing the lawn, so they told them to go ahead and stick around and put on a music show……The King of the multitaskers, J.D. Higgins, from Galax, Virginia………

That will be the best music for the 4th available in the two-state area, with Eric Chilton and his weather band in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina and J.D. Higgins, on the governor’s lawn in Richmond, Virginia…….

As our MC for the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Kernersville, Rod Davis, used to say, “Don’t miss it”……


  1. The word on the street is Sandra Hughes will singing the Blues and Frank Mickins will be picking his guitar for EC and The CT.

  2. Not sure I will make Greensboro this year….Got a call late last night from the Governor of Virginia and he said Higgins/JD was bringing in the great-great-great grandson of Robert E. (JD) Lee and that I had been summoned to the lawn for tonight-July 5…..Lou Grant, Bud Grant III, Carey Grant, US Grant and many others are expected to attend…..

    Granted, Greensboro wiil be good, but when the Governor calls……..One added note on Greensboro, I heard that we might see the return of Slim Pickens to team up with Frank Mickens on drums and that Bobby Starr from the Starr Ice Company on Alamance Church Road, had contacted his distant cousin Ringo and we might see him in Greensboro for 2011….That would really be something, Ringo Starr and Eric “Chill Tone” Chilton bringing back the true Spirit of 1776…….

    If you see Starr, tell him Paul said hey…..Talked to Paul Mac on the phone last night and he is supposed to be in Richmond with JD Higgins…..

    This might just be the best 4th we have ever seen in this part of the US…..Now I’ve seen some crazy Fourth of July celebrations in England, but that is a tale or two for a different day….Good luck to Eric, Frank, Sandra, Ringo, Bobby and the band…….(Remember Bobby Fleet and his Band with the Beat…..Now those boys could really play, and I think just like EC from the Sunshine Band, Bobby’s band was out of Mt. Airy.)

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