Bostic Boys/Brothers(Smith HS) among the Best Blockers in the History of the ACC

It’s always good to see your local kids/men excel and that is what the Bostic Brothers(Joe and Jeff) did and as offensive linemen, they are now considered among the Top 25 Best to ever play the game of football, in the ACC………

The Bostic Boys/Brothers(SmithHigh School) are among the best blockers/”O-linemen, in the history of Atlantic Coast Conference football and here is Caulton Tudor of the News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer on-line to prove it……

The Bostic boys – Joe and Jeff – build apartment complexes these days.

Jeff, the younger of the brothers by 17 months, picked out the name for their McLeansville-based construction company.

“He came up with DIR,” Joe said. “When I asked what that meant, he said ‘Do It Right’.”

Those words also perfectly sum up the way the Greensboro Smith High products played football, first at Clemson and then in the NFL in the late 1970s and throughout the ’80s.

Combined, they became the first family of ACC offensive linemen, ranking Nos. 4 (Jeff, the center) and 10 (Joe, primarily a guard) on my list of the 25 best offensive line in ACC history.

No. 1 on the list is former Virginia tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson, who at age 27 and a fixture in the New York Jets offense, has a chance to reach the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ferguson is followed by Jim Ritcher, the Outland Trophy winner for N.C. State in 1979 and two-time Pro Bowl pick at center for the Buffalo Bills.

Along with the Bostic brothers, Ritcher, Duke center Bill Bryan[Burlington Williams HS] (No. 15 on the list) and their Clemson teammate Steve Kenney (No. 13), the late ’70s was a high-water mark for ACC blockers.

“It really was a strong run of offensive linemen in the league during those years,” Joe Bostic said. “There were five or six teams in the ACC who could block any defense in the country.”

The most unlikely star in the cluster was probably Jeff Bostic, a 185-pound lineman/wrestler at Smith who might have slipped through the nets had it not been for then Clemson assistant coach Ed Emory, whose primary recruiting area was central, eastern and southwestern North Carolina.

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